What to see in the village, in its surroundings and in the province of Reggio Calabria

In the village

Path of Peasant Civilization
The Path of Rural Life, in Bova, is an open-air museum with ancient millstones, oil mills, millst...
Via Spirito Santo, 10 - 89033, Bova
Greek-Calabrian Language Museum 'Gerhard Rohlfs'
Museum of the Greek-Calabrian language allows you to get to know the Greek-Calabrian language, it...
Via Sant'Antonio - 89033, Bova
Paleontology and Natural Sciences Museum of Aspromonte
The Museum of Paleontology and Natural Sciences of Aspromonte is the only one in southern Italy f...
Via Rimembranze - 89033, Bova
Mesiani Palace
The Palazzo Mesiani di Bova dates back to the 18th century and is connected to the ancient site w...
Via San Costantino, Bova
Norman tower
The Norman Tower of Bova dates back to the 11th century. placed to guard one of the four access g...
Via Pirgoli, 89033, Bova
Norman Castle
The Norman Castle of Bova , in Calabria stands at the top of a rocky spur, dominating the village.
Via Castello, 33, Bova
Church of San Leo
the Church of San Leo, in Calabria, is dedicated to the patron saint of the village of Bova.
Via Concezione, 4, Bova
Cathedral of Bova
The Cathedral of Bova, in Calabria, is of Norman origin.
Via Vescovado, 20, Bova

In the province of Reggio Calabria

Distances are set as the crow flies

Church of St Francis of Assisi
The Church of St Francis of Assisi is located in the three churches square of Gerace, in Calabria.
Via Nazario Sauro, 23, Gerace (Reggio Calabria)
39.77 Kilometers from Bova
Castello Ruffo
The Ruffo di Scilla Castle is one of the most characteristic and typical elements of the landscap...
Piazza S. Rocco - 89058, Scilla (Reggio Calabria)
34.81 Kilometers from Bova
Norman Castle
The Castle of Gerace rises on the highest point of the village.
Viale Castello-89040, Gerace (Reggio Calabria)
39.75 Kilometers from Bova
The bakery and the workshop
The village's old bakery and workshop, made entirely of stone, supplied all the village quarters ...
89134, Reggio Calabria (Reggio Calabria)
24.71 Kilometers from Bova
Catholic of Stilo
A small Byzantine church dating from the 9th-10th centuries, the undisputed symbol of the village...
Via Cattolica, 89049, Stilo (Reggio Calabria)
71.39 Kilometers from Bova
Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta of Gerace is one of the most important Norman constructions ...
Via Duomo, 28, Gerace (Reggio Calabria)
39.67 Kilometers from Bova
Church of Carmel
Small church located at the foot of the hill of Borgo Nocille, in in the municipality of Reggio C...
89134, Reggio Calabria (Reggio Calabria)
24.61 Kilometers from Bova
Church of Santa Maria di Portosalvo
The church of Porto Salvo, in the center of Chianalea, is a beautiful example of eighteenth-centu...
Via Prof.Giuseppe Zagari, 11 - 89058 , Scilla (Reggio Calabria)
34.57 Kilometers from Bova