What to see in the village, in its surroundings and in the province of Cosenza

In the village

Cirella is located near the seaside village of Diamante, in Calabria.
Via Tredoliche, Diamante

In the province of Cosenza

Distances are set as the crow flies

Annunziata Gate
One of the four gates of the defensive system of Trebisacce that today represents one of the main...
Via delle Mura, Trebisacce (Cosenza)
63.91 Kilometers from Diamante
Costantino Belluscio Theater
The theater has hosted the "Euro Mediterranean Festival" for years
Piazzale Matteotti , 36 - 87042, Altomonte (Cosenza)
26.23 Kilometers from Diamante
Monastery of San Bernardino da Siena
The Monastery of San Bernardino di Morano Calabro is one of the best examples of Franciscan archi...
Via Porto Alegre, 10, Morano Calabro (Cosenza)
32.66 Kilometers from Diamante
Collegiate church of Santa Maria Maddalena
The ancient nucleus of the Collegiate of Morano Calabro, in Calabria, dates back to 1097.
Piazza Maddalena, Morano Calabro (Cosenza)
32.57 Kilometers from Diamante
Norman Tower
The Norman Tower is the exhibition venue for contemporary art exhibitions.
Piazza Castello, 6 - 87042, Altomonte (Cosenza)
26.48 Kilometers from Diamante
St. Nicholas of Myra Church
It is the mother church of Trebisacce, a sacred building with Byzantine origins dating back to th...
Piazza Progresso, Trebisacce (Cosenza)
63.97 Kilometers from Diamante
Church of San Leone
the church of San Leone Saracena was built on the remains of a pre-existing byzantine church.
Via Carlo Pisacane, Saracena (Cosenza)
30.63 Kilometers from Diamante
Church of St. Giacomo Apostolo
The church of San Giacomo Apostolo is among the oldest churches of Altomonte.
Piazza Balbia - 87042, Altomonte (Cosenza)
26.48 Kilometers from Diamante