Where to shop in the Carnia

Malga Alta Carnia cheese
Malga della Carnia cheese made from raw milk is one of the products par excellence along with tho...
Via Sauris di Sotto, 98A- 33020, Sauris, Udine
Legnostile Artistic Laboratory
Legnostile is the artistic laboratory that connects the past and present for woodworking but with...
Frazione Sauris di Sopra, 50/D - 33020, Sauris, Udine
Zahre Beer Brewery
The Zahre Beer Brewery is one of the first agricultural breweries in Italy
Sauris di Sopra, 50 - 33020 , Sauris, Udine
The Wolf Ham Factory
In Sauris, Wolf's ham factory offers high-quality products such as the renowned PGI ham
Sauris di Sotto, 88 - 33020, Sauris, Udine
Artisanal Weaving of Sauris
The Tessitura Artigiana of Sauris produces unique and original pieces following the traditional p...
Via Sauris di Sotto, 10 - 33020, Sauris, Udine
Sauris Trout
ZEA, Sauris' smoked trout is born from the sources of Friuli and its smoking takes place in a loc...
Località La Maina - 33020, Sauris, Udine