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Basilicata in music

In San Severino Lucano the spectacle of nature is on stage. Land of water and mountains, here is a corner of Basilicata where the picturesque village harmonizes well with the surrounding nature. From a height of 877 meters, San Severino Lucano is the northern gateway to the Pollino massif, one of the wildest and most uncontaminated national parks in Italy. San Severino Lucano and Pollino are united by nature, the mountains, the waters, but also by their musical heritage. The small village is in fact the birthplace of the musician, harpsichordist and organist Gregorio Strozzi, while the Pollino has been home for twenty-five years to the "Pollino Music Festival", a live event of great appeal, part of "Open Sound Festival", an extraordinary event between culture, music, ancient Lucanian sounds and tradition.

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