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Chiesa parrocchiale di Santa Maria Assunta

Cosa vedere a Ala, Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige


This church of very ancient origins is considered to have arisen on the remains of a chapel annexed to the ancient castle, destroyed during medieval conflicts that divided the Prince Bishops of Trento and the Castelbarco family. Over the centuries it was subjected to various transformations and extensions, damaged in the First World War, it was restored in its current appearance in 1929. The majestic façade with a tympanum was once painted with ornamental motifs; of the three entrance doors only the central one remained on which stands the statue of the Virgin, Patron of Ala. Among the nine altars in polychrome marble, stand out the majestic high altar and the first one on its right side, with a representation of Saint Lucia, patron saint of the velvets, of Cignaroli school. In the same building there is a collection of sacred objects and vestments (of real velvet of the 18th century).

  • Piazza San Giovanni, Ala (Trento)
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