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Positano among legends, enchanting beaches and fashion

Saturday 18 may 2019

Here are some interesting facts about the pearl of the Amalfi Coast

 Positano among legends, enchanting beaches and fashion

Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi Coast, is known throughout the world. But how many know the secrets of one of the most picturesque and colorful seaside villages in Italy? First of all you must know that the name "Positano" recalls an ancient past, or rather prehistoric. Positano, in fact, was originally inhabited by hunters: this is what emerges from the archaeological finds. Positano takes its name from one of the villas that in Roman times belonged to wealthy Campania families, more precisely to the freed Posides Spado. Many, however, argue that Positano is connected to the mythological figure of Poseidon, the god of the sea.

Positano is a very popular place for artists, including the writer Alberto Moravia and the painter Pablo Picasso, who were fascinated by the charm of its colorful houses and their concentric arrangement overlooking the sea. Not only: Positano is also a legendary place. Many legends and beliefs, in fact, circulate in this village full of life but also of mystery. The most widespread legend is the one that sees the Assumption Madonna as protagonist, who, through a Byzantine image, convinced the sailors of a sailing ship, left in ruins in front of the coast, to stop in Positano. As soon as the wind began to blow towards land, the sailors went to the beach of Positano, delivering the image of the Madonna to the inhabitants of the place, who then had a church built in honor of the Madonna Assunta.

From religious beliefs to a more "profane" environment: fashion. Positano, in fact, is a village much frequented by fashion addicts, where many fashion shows are held every month of the year, as well as being home to numerous social events. This is the origin of the famous Moda Positano company, founded in 1981 and which continues to produce niche and craft items, through the use of natural materials such as linen, cotton and viscose. Another prestigious fashion company from Positano is Luiselle, established in the 1950s. Positano is also the favorite destination of many famous figures of the show, who go to Positano to spend their holidays and to enjoy the splendid beaches of this town and all the other splendid maritime communes of the Amalfi Coast.

There are four main beaches in Positano. The Laurito beach, reachable via a staircase that descends from the central square. Another beach in Positano is the beach of Arienzo, also called "the beach of three hundred steps" because of the staircase from which you can admire the gardens of many luxurious villas on the Amalfi Coast, among which Franco Zeffirelli stands out. The most famous beach of Positano is certainly that of Marina Grande, frequented by hundreds and hundreds of tourists every day, even out of season, and equipped with bathing establishments. The last beach of Positano is that of Fornillo, less lively and therefore ideal for a romantic walk.

Positano is a lively and lively village all year round, thanks to a dense series of cultural events and events. Among the most important events is the Positano City Show, which presents the typical products of the country displayed in different stands. The Italian Contemporary Theater Festival, on the other hand, takes place in the summer with the participation of actors from all over Italy and the world. On August 15th the feast of the Saraceno landing takes place, inspired by a popular legend according to which on the evening of August 14th a band of Saracen pirates landed at Positano and stole the image of the Madonna, but a voice that came out of the picture said "pose, pose", and then the pirates turned back to return the image of the Virgin to the inhabitants. Finally, in December, the zeppole festival is held, a typical Christmas dessert prepared with the traditional recipe handed down from generation to generation.

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