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A spritz break is on air in Boccadasse!

Tuesday 09 april 2019

The ancient Ligurian fishing village has always been the meeting point of the Genoese, who love to enjoy an aperitif on the marina, amid the noise of the waves and a little carefree

 A spritz break is on air in Boccadasse!

Every city has its own neighborhood. Genoa, for example, concentrates its nightlife in Boccadasse, a tiny seaside village that can be reached on foot at the end of a beautiful promenade on the Corso Italia seafront. If in fact you ask a Genoese what are the two things he prefers to do on Sunday, he will answer that one is to go to Marassi to see Genoa or Sampdoria according to the football faith, the other is to enjoy a spritz on the of Boccadasse.

Seafront of Corso Italia

Let me be clear, if it is not a spritz then a beer, a mojito or any other rum-based cocktail is fine. But what matters is to have a nice drink in company, with friends, partner, lover. Here, perhaps not even the lover, given the high congestion of residents, and therefore of faces between them known, which lie on the stony beach or perched on the wall in front of the Church of St. Anthony. Moreover, Bocadasse is a real village, a meeting and relaxation point for those who want to get away from the city routine. And even if Boccadasse is a village inside the city, among the pastel-colored houses, the narrow streets, the craft shops and the fishermen's boats stranded on the shore, it seems to be in a small world apart, where time seems pleasantly marked by the waves that break on the rocks of Santa Chiara's Cape.

Boccadasse Beach

For the record, we regret to inform you that a historic Boccadasse brewery closed its doors a few months ago and that, due to the strong storm last fall, some areas of the village are still undergoing redevelopment works that should be completed by early summer. However the Genoese, who with the collapse of the Ponte Morandi last August unfortunately witnessed much worse, never lose the healthy habit of crowding Boccadasse in their moments of leisure. Just a spritz by the sea to find peace in the heart.

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