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Do you know Oriolo, the 'Matera calabrese'?

Wednesday 27 march 2019

Discovering a small medieval village in the province of Cosenza that has nothing to envy to the City of Stones

Do you know Oriolo, the 'Matera calabrese'?

In the year in which Matera is playing the prestigious role of European Capital of Culture, there is another village in Southern Italy destined to attract more and more the attention of national and international tourism. We are talking about Oriolo, a Calabrian town of about 2100 inhabitants perched on a rocky spur between the hills of Cosenza. From a geological and architectural point of view, in fact, it is very similar to the Città dei Sassi, in relation to which it was awarded the "Moral Patronage for Matera 2019", granted directly by the "Matera Basilicata 2019" Foundation thanks to its Museum and Librarian Pole, cultural center of the small medieval village.

«We had heard of Oriolo, but seeing this village in person was a really happy discovery», said Pinella Carlucci, who has been organizing coach trips to Calabria for several years, and also involving various people from Matera. Among the mountain destinations planned for the tour, there is also Oriolo. «The aspect that struck us most was the organization - explains the promoter of the trip - The cultural assets well connected to each other, recovered in an excellent way and visited in comfort».


From the Castle to Giannettasio Palace, passing through the laboratories present in the House of Arts and Ideas, up to the exhibitions set up in some ancient houses recovered in the historic center that have become real ateliers, Oriolo is a small archive of history and traditions.

«From small things we have understood that in these parts the reception is spontaneous and daily - continues Mrs Pinella - And in today's tourism this aspect makes the difference. Plants with flowers in front of the houses, clean streets and the possibility of being able to take advantage of toilets and internal spaces to have a packed lunch: a nice comfort especially on rainy or cold days».

The invitation, then, is to visit Oriolo, the "Matera calabrese".

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