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Trentino: the village of Moena, in the heart of the Val di Fassa, where Puzzone cheese is born

Friday 24 august 2018

The main center of the Val di Fassa, in the splendid scenery of the Dolomites. Land of history and its cheese, the Puzzone.

Trentino: the village of Moena, in the heart of the Val di Fassa, where Puzzone cheese is born

It is in the extraordinary scenery of the Val di Fassa, between the main Dolomite valleys, that the delightful village of Moena is situated.

Known as the "Fairy of the Dolomites", Moena is surrounded by some of the most scenic mountain groups in the region, including Valaccia and Latemar.

The natural setting in which the inhabited area is set is contrasted by an interesting historical center in which buildings of particular historical value alternate, including "Ciasa Ramon", located in the homonymous square, built in the seventeenth century on a fourteenth-century building. On the same square there is also what was once the Alpine hotel, with next to the "Tabià Janac", the barn; on the opposite side of the square there is the "Tabià Bander", another characteristic barn of the historical center.

Then "Ciasa Cioto" and the frescoed "Ciasa Chiochet" frescoed in 1658.

Instead it is the street dedicated to the Austrian engineer, Riccardo Lowy, the main artery of the town, on which some of its main hotels look out.

Architectural heritage of Moena that also offers the beautiful archpriest church of San Vigilio, overlooking the village, consecrated in 1164 to be rearranged in Gothic style in 1533. The current appearance dates back to 1929, when they were still preserved the Gothic and the primitive apse. From inside it has three naves proposes the frescoed presbytery in Art Nouveau style.

Close to the church of San Vigilio rises that of San Volfango, considered the oldest temple of Moena, which houses frescoes of the fifteenth century and a beautiful wooden baroque ceiling.

The Someda fort, the Austro-Hungarian military fortification located in the hamlet of Someda, dates back to 1898.

Making cheese in Val di Fassa

Land of trails and spectacular mountain scenery, Moena is a summer and winter tourist destination, but also a small capital of enogastronomy, which celebrates with important reviews on the flavors of the valley, including "At the table with the fairy of the Dolomites" in the winter season, and "Sapori d'autunno" in September, where there are many typical dishes proposed, and where often the protagonist is the famous local cheese, the famous "Puzzone di Moena PDO", which owes its name to its characteristic smell that many tend to define stink.

the Puzzone from Moena

Produced in the valleys of Fassa and Fiemme, Puzzone is a cheese recognizable by its moist crust, covered with a greasy patina. Obtained from raw milk of brown or alpine gray cows, it is aged for a minimum of ninety days up to a maximum of eight or ten months.

Soft and light straw-colored, with scattered holes, it comes in shapes ranging from 9 to 12 kilos.

Table cheese or tasting cheese goes well with particularly full-bodied red wines. It is served on the tables of Val di Fassa with polenta, with onions and potatoes.

If more seasoned it is excellent to flavor gnocchi, savory strudel and roasts.

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