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The big Romanesque Basilique of Aquileia and the wonderful mosaic floor.

Tuesday 10 april 2018

Tha big Romanesque Basilique of Aquileia, near Udine, in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, in the north-east of Italy. Inside of the Basilique of Aquileia, there is the wondefull largest mosaic floor in Europe. There are two crypts and a very tall bell tower.

The big Romanesque Basilique of Aquileia and the wonderful mosaic floor.

In Aquileia, in the heart of the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia countryside, near Udine there is the huge Romanesque Basilique with the largest mosaic floor in Europe, extended from the entrance to the altar.

The Basilique of Aquileia, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Saints Ermacora and Fortunato from Aquileia, is one of the first Christian place of worship built after the Constantine's Edict in 313 d.C, which ended the persecutions of the first christian peoples.

The great baptistery from the hexagonal basin, contributed to the evangelization of the Slavic and Germanic peoples.

Inside of the Basilique of Aquileia there is the wonderfull large mosaic floor in Europe, which is divided into ten squares by hands and acanthus motifs, in which typical episodes of early-Christian symbology are represented, like the Eucharist, the Scenes of Fishings, the Fight between the Rooster and the Turtle and the Bishop Teodoro's inscription.

The apse of the Basilique of Aquileia is decorated with a large fresco representing the Virgin and the Martyrs of Aquileia.

Inside of this Basilique there are two crypts: one is under the tall bell tower with the Teodorian mosaic floor, and the other crypt has got frescoes which represent the evangelization of Aquileia by Saint Morcos from Alexandria of Egypt.

Outside, next to the Basilique there is the Patriarch Poppone's tall bell tower, and we can clib up to the top thanks to a narrow spiral staircase and admire the view of the sea coast. In the adiacent park we can see the foundations of the ancient Roman Forum.

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