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Stifone: An incredible jewel on the water in the Nera Gorge

Wednesday 28 june 2023

Nestled on the left bank of the Nera River, Stifone's beauty lies in its turquoise waters, its Roman ruins and the tranquility offered by its bucolic scenery

Stifone: An incredible jewel on the water in the Nera Gorge

Mole di Narni - Ph. Roberto Bertolle/flickr

Tucked away along the left bank of the Nera River in Umbria lies Stifone, a charming hamlet forgotten in the time when the Romans built their great ships. This charming hamlet in the municipality of Narni, in the province of Terni, where about 40 inhabitants live, is a wonder that will surprise you along the route of the famous Nera Gorges. With an altitude of 93 meters above sea level, Stifone is overlooked by the rock on which rests the historic castle of Taizzano.

One of the most mysterious aspects of Stifone is an underwater spring from which the river draws life. Well hidden and always visiting, these springs pour thousands of liters of intensely turquoise-colored water into the riverbed. This water, with its special concentration of minerals, gives the place a timeless charm.

Historical Heritage of Stifone

This village of inestimable charm has managed to preserve its medieval essence, keeping intact the characteristic appearance drawn by the houses built in the distant past, in perfect symbiosis with the river that accompanies its daily life.

The entrance to the village welcomes you with two picturesque little squares that serve as a frame for the Church of Santa Marina. The striking terracotta portal and its bell gable reflect a timeless simplicity and beauty that welcomes you in its reassuring silence.

Ph. riccard_/flickr

As you approach the Nera River, several natural springs will surprise you with their presence. One of them, gushing near a cave, incorporates the striking ancient wash houses, witnesses of a time when everyday life took place in close contact with nature.

Today a bridge crosses the Nera River, on the route of the ancient railroad. This route, now the fabulous Nera Gorge cycle and footpath, offers visitors a walk in the green, accompanied by the sound of rushing water.

Climbing the slope of Mount Croce, one can reach the remains of the Monastery of San Giovanni, also known as the Hermitage of Santa Betta. Still further south, almost a kilometer from the town, in the locality of Le Mole, are the remains of the ancient Roman Shipyard discovered in 1969, further evidence of the rich history that permeates every corner of Stifone.

Stifone sul fiume Nera
Fiume Nera - Ph. fede 92/flickr

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