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Largo Carlo Nardi in Mendicino

Thursday 22 april 2021

A very suggestive place entitled to the memory of Carlo Nardi, a politician, born and lived in Mendicino, who has held various public and private offices in the service of the community and especially of the weakest and most needy.

Largo Carlo Nardi in Mendicino
Largo Carlo Nardi è a very suggestive place, illuminated at night by some artistic lights and in the shade during the day thanks to a lush natural vegetation. It is accessed through a beautiful staircase also illuminated by some lights that guide the visitor. The place is characterized by an ancient fountain with four channels from which flows a clear and fresh water, in the clearing some benches and a view of the adjacent river Charon, which originates from Mount Cocuzzo and that, crossing the town of Mendicino, joins the Busento River, known for the legend of the Visigoth King Alaric.
Detto largo è a place of peace to dive into memory and nature. In the silent roar of nature you can hear the gentle sounds of water flowing from the canals and the water flowing in the river, experiencing unique sensations.
The photos of the Largo have also been published, on the occasion of the National Day of Villages, by the National Association of Authentic Villages of Italy on its facebook page.
In addition, the photo with the sign of the Largo é currently first in the standings, with 1265 votes,   in a national photography contest: "Fotogrammi Dantebus" III edition ( on thousands of photos in the race.
The Largo è was named recently by the City of Mendicino to Carlo Nardi, a politician, born and lived in Mendicino who has held various public and private positions in the service of the community and especially of the weak and needy. Esteemed by all who still after more than 30 years after his sudden death remember him with affection and gratitude.
In August 2018, on the occasion of the 30°anniversary of the death of Carlo Nardi, è was made a brochure ( pdf) on his figure where è it was provided a section “Say about him….dopo 30 yearsi” in which were published the opinions of some of the many influential people who knew him and that still after 30 years remember him with deep and unchanged esteem.
Carlo Nardi è was the recipient of important awards, not only during his life but also after his death. Official of the Patronage EPACA (Patronage of Coldiretti) of Rome with service seat in Cosenza, Popular Judge, Town Councilman of Mendicino (CS) for two mandates, among the first elected, Councilman and Assessor of the Mountain Community "Serre Cosentine", Component of the Committee of Public Benefit of the Prefecture of Cosenza, he has carried out the various roles with competence and serietà impeccable. Among the various and prestigious awards to the memory we remember some:
"Academic of Honor" conferred by the Accademia Costantina, Candidate for the 2019 Italian Excellence Award in Washington (United States of America), "Aurata Medal" conferred by the Accademia Costantina; America), "Medaglia Aurata al merito" conferred by the Norman Academy, "Accademico di merito" conferred by the Accademia di Studi Economici e Sociali Estense, Premio Caposuvero 2019, Premio Internazionale Giovanni Paolo II 2019, "Encomio di Benemerenza" conferred by the Accademia Bonifaciana, Premio Internazionale Chimera d'argento 2020 conferred in the Sala di Palazzo degli Elefanti della Città di Catania, Premio Internazionale Culturale Cartagine 2020 conferred in the Sala della Protomoteca del Campidoglio in Rome.
A testimony to the esteemed figure of Carlo Nardi, particularly moving é was the letter of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, written in pen, in his own hand and the moving letter of the President of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI), Card. Gualtiero Bassetti, addressed to his widow Pia Maria Guarnieri.
In addition, in memory of Carlo Nardi, è was made by the talented sculptor Antonio Saluzzi Lucan a commemorative bronze medal, handmade, in a few numbered copies.
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