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The church of San Salvatore in Sanarica

Thursday 11 march 2021

The church of San Salvatore, dating from the 11th century, has a basilica layout with three naves ending in as many apses.

e-borghi Community The church of San Salvatore in Sanarica

The church of San Salvatore currently belongs to the Municipality of Sanarica (LE), but in the State of Section of 1815 it was owned by the Dukes of Sanarica.The church is made of small local stone ashlars and has a bell gable. The central apse was lit by a double lancet window, now walled up, and in the two side apses there are two single lancet windows. The current roof is made of slabs of Lecce stone, which replaced the flat wooden one. On the walls and pillars there are traces of a pictorial cycle divided into several phases from the 11th to the 13th century. There is a fragmentary Christological cycle on the walls of the nave and some figures of saints from the Byzantine liturgy. A scene of the Transfiguration, datable to the second half of the 14th century, covers the apse basin.

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