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Rio nell'Elba

Wednesday 18 november 2020

A village that sees the sea

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A small country that manages to bewitch.
A small jewel set on the slopes of Mount Capannello at 155mt above sea level with very few bars / pizzerias 1 bakery, 2 food shops and a few ice cream shops in the historic center that can be counted on the fingers.
The locals are "magnetic" in the true sense of the word, you can remember their faces after only a few hours of being there.
One of the oldest towns on the island and with an equally ancient history that takes us back in time to the origins of its name which means "Rivus" stream given the strong importance that water had for the development of the country and also important mining center.
The mighty and central church dominates the whole village and is the pivot on which the daily routine of the inhabitants rotates to the resounding of the bell tower which often thunders among the old and ancient walls of the houses.
The narrow and long alleys are almost completely uphill and full of impervious stairways that the local elders constantly walk several times a day without any effort in spite of the tourists who tire themselves in their first steps.
Private homes are all an architectural jewel from the outside. In many of them you can see very steep stairs to reach the entrance door. Flowers and plants are the pride of the village and are never lacking in any season.
The interiors of the houses have been faithfully left to their ancient style and not modernized: wooden beams, thick walls, fireplaces, cellars, attics and tiny doors are delightful to see and live in.
All that remains is to go and visit it as every alley and every corner offer new points of historical interest.

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