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Bobbio, the village of enchantment

Monday 29 june 2020

It rises in a privileged position on the left bank of the river Trebbia, in the province of Piacenza. A place rich in history, which has been a city since 1014.

Bobbio, the village of enchantment

Stone-built houses and stately palaces, narrow streets, a village that grew up around the monastery where you can still enjoy the charm of the Middle Ages. And then the views drawn by nature and, all around, a valley that breathes the sea of nearby Liguria and offers unforgettable views. We are in Bobbio, which stands in a privileged position on the left bank of the river Trebbia, in the province of Piacenza. A place rich in history, in which Bobbio has been a protagonist: since 1014 Bobbio has boasted the title of city, thanks to the imperial bull that Frederick II issued to become in the early Middle Ages an important seat of religious culture, a reference point in Italy also for art, culture and science. A plunge into the most authentic past: this is what a visit to the village promises, but not only. The surroundings, rich in nature, offer ideas for a day in the open air, even for the most sporty, and the river, marked by the unusual profile of the Gobbo bridge, in summer turns into an oasis of relaxation on its banks, perfect for sunbathing and refreshment in the cool river waters.


Active holidays in nature, history and art
Below the Ponte Gobbo bridge, the waters of the Trebbia flow placidly. A dip in a clear river is not an experience you can try everywhere, and as said, in summer it is better not to miss it. But the river is definitely four seasons especially for those who love the adrenaline of rafting and the thrill of canoeing. The surroundings, then, are an inexhaustible source of ideal activities to practice sports at different levels, perfect to get excited among the suggestions of nature and history. As on the route, among the many, which runs along stretches of the ancient road that connected Bobbio to the manses of the monks of San Colombano, on which you will also find the ancient village of Brugnello and its typical little church. Walking and trekking in the Trebbia valley, but also mountain bike trails, horseback riding and, for the more reckless, hang-gliding emotions. In winter, you can also ski on the Monte Penice ski complex from December to March. And did you know that the writer Ernest Hemingway called Val Trebbia, and therefore also Bobbio, "the most beautiful valley in the world"?


Emotion is at the table
Could Bobbio miss the opportunity to indulge in the pleasures of the palate? The premise is that tasting traditional dishes in this village means taking a journey into the journey. This is due to its position, a privileged meeting place, on the table, of many contaminations: Piedmontese, Ligurian, Lombard and inevitably Emilian. In addition to those not to be missed in the typical cuisine of Piacenza, of course, the most authentic dishes that once again take you back to the past, such as maccheroni alla bobbiese: they are still made by hand with a sock iron, to be enjoyed with an excellent stew sauce. If you happen to stop by a bakery, then don't forget to ask for the typical savoury doughnuts and the traditional crunchy in the classic basket shape. If your palate also loves to dare, indulge in the pleasures of one of the main dishes of the local gastronomic tradition: the stewed snail. We are in the places along the Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori dei Colli Piacentini, where good food and good drinking is first of all culture.

Ciambelline salate Bobbio


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