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Rome and its Trastevere, like a picturesque village beyond the Tiber

Thursday 15 march 2018

From Piazza Trilussa to the Gianicolo, between the charm of the Basilica of Santa Maria. Then the alleys and streets, from Via della Lungara to Vicolo del Bologna to Salita Sant’Onofrio to Lungotevere Raffaello Sanzio.

Rome and its Trastevere, like a picturesque village beyond the Tiber

Every corner of Rome tells an important part of the history of what is perhaps the most beautiful and fascinating city in the world.

Each district retains its own particular identity, each district tells a piece of the capital's endless history

But there is an area of Rome that perhaps more than others preserves some of the characteristics best known and appreciated by tourists from all over the world, who more than other corners of the city can synthesise the most authentic Romanity.

Almost like a village on the other side of the Tiber, on the opposite side to the one that houses the palaces of power, Trastevere is one of the most beautiful and fascinating districts.

Un vicolo di TrasteverePhoto by Mozzercork

While the original nucleus of Rome developed on the opposite bank of the river, Trastevere was initially inhabited by the less well-off social classes.

Today, however, it is a district appreciated and sought after for its extraordinary liveliness, but also for its artistic content.

We approach Trastevere coming from the historic center, from Piazza Navona and the Campo dei Fiori Market. We cross the Ponte Sisto and here we are in Piazza Trilussa, pseudonym of Carlo Alberto Salustri, the beloved Roman poet. Here you just have to get lost in the alleys that from the flat area lying on the banks of the river rise to one of the most beautiful scenic areas of the capital, the Janiculum Hill.

On the streets of Trastevere you can still breathe the essence of the most authentic Rome. Not only tourists but also the Romans are attracted to it.

Roma, santa Maria della Luce, altare e portantina
Photo by Lalupa

We allow ourselves a visit in what is the religious heart of the district, the famous Basilica of Santa Maria, overlooking the square with the same name, an architectural jewel that preserves precious medieval mosaics and frescoes.

In the heart of the square in front of the church there is one of the oldest fountains in the capital that, it is said, quenched the inhabitants of Trastevere before the advent of the water network.

Piazza Santa Maria, Trastevere
Photo by Jensens

Other special places that we do not miss are the church of San Crisogono, in Piazza Sonnino, that of Sant’Agata, the church of Santa Maria della Scala and then Piazza Gioacchino Belli, dedicated to the Roman poet.

Trastevere is above all color, picturesque views immortalized by some appreciated films of our cinema, perfumes and so much vitality, day and night, and then walks on the sampietrini of its romantic alleys, between trattorias and medieval buildings, artisan shops, shops and Roman trattorias.

Lots of roads to enjoy and discover, from Vicolo del Bologna, Via della Scala and Vicolo del Cinque, to Lungotevere Raffaello Sanzio to Lungotevere Ripa.

Salita Sant’Onofrio, Trastevere, Roma
Photo by Lalupa

Among the most evocative streets of the district there is certainly the Salita Sant’Onofrio, a narrow uphill road, sometimes with steps, which connects Via della Lungara, which connects Via di Porta Settimiana and Piazza della Rovere, to the Gianicolo.

You can not leave Trastevere without having a good meal. Innumerable are the characteristic taverns, the typical trattorias and restaurants.

We allowed ourselves a nice plate of bucatini all'amatriciana and the classic Roman saltimbocca before enjoying an evening stroll in this portion of Rome where magic, history and myth mingle in an unforgettable fresco.

Villages not to be missed if you are visiting Roma:

Main photo by Lalupa


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