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Isola Maggiore

Friday 20 january 2023

10-minute boat ride to still place in time

Isola Maggiore

Living in an almost surreal fairy-tale micro-reality, an island with only 10 to 15 inhabitants that comes explosively alive in summer and makes people fall in love with its quietness in winter, out of the hustle and bustle but only a 10-minute boat ride from the mainland.

A #unique place, almost rare in its distinctiveness.

A strip of land, an island only exactly ten minutes from the mainland, you reach it by boat and you really have the impression of being totally estranged from the #world.

A single street, the main one in fact, where the very few businesses and homes of the inhabitants are located.

One Hotel, one #holiday house, three restaurants, three bar-restaurants, two small #shops and little else. Lots of #Olivestock, #Folagas, #rabbits free to walk around the lakefront gardens, no public transportation traffic at most a couple of bikes, no harassing noise, no chaos, just water and nature noises...and the Pier, where the #boat departs and arrives, connection to the mainland.

This #island has a rich and important history enclosed within the walls of the old houses, in the past it has seen and experienced bad times but to this day it is a micro-reality of quiet and silence that in summer is filled with joy and wayfarers.

The food is great, the fried dairy fish is of course my favorite dish...but we recommend a stop at #Ristorante l'Oso with excellent first courses and perfectly cooked main courses.

Here, on this little handkerchief of land surrounded by #water, as the song says, just wait and the mind answers our questions.

video l'isola maggiore

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