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Called "The hamlet of bread and murals", with its stone-paved streets, the village of Usseaux offers visitors the opportunity to get to know the mountain peasant life up close. Not to be missed: the architecture of the village, the stone fountains and wash-houses, the community oven, the stables, the underground connections and the "moe" (pole of the mayor); the murals along the alleys and in the square of the village whose theme ranges from peasant life to the world of nature and animals and to the imaginative characters of fairy tales.
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Usseaux  | Roberto Giachino/shutterstock
Roberto Giachino/shutterstock
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Michele Vacchiano/shutterstock
Usseaux  |
Usseaux  | Fotolia
Usseaux  | Fotolia
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Edgar Machado
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Marco Fine
Usseaux  | Marco Fine
Marco Fine

About the village

Usseaux (Usseauso also in Italian; Usseaus in occitan, also known as Useaou; Ussò in Piedmontese), in Piedmont, is an Italian town that counts less than 200 inhabitants. The name Usseaux probably has Celtic origins "uxellos = high". The village was crossed in ancient times by Giulio Cesare, who cites, in "De Bello Gallico", the village called "Occellum". Is located in Val Chisone and is affected by the Parco Naturale Orsiera - Rocciavrè and from the Natural Park of the Gran Bosco di Salbertrand. The Municipality, in addition to capital Usseaux (Usseauso), also includes the following villages: Balboutet (Finale), Fraisse (Fragoleto), Laux (Lauso), Pourrieres (Purrieri).

The human presence in the High Chisone Valley is very ancient. The first testimonies of rock art date back to 12,000 years BC The origins of the townships of Usseaux are linked to the peoples (Liguria-Celts-Romans-Barbarians-Byzantines-Provence-Longobard-Saracens) which over time lived in the Upper Val Chisone (in the Middle Ages called Val Pragelato) leaving a marked area impressions of their culture, language and traditions such as coins, streets, and toponyms. The first documentary evidence of the existence of Usseaux dates back to 1064, when Countess Adelaide founded the Abbey of Santa Maria di Pinerolo giving to it the territories of Upper Val Chisone. In the centuries of history Usseaux lived the experiences and events of other communities in the Upper Valley: the Dolphin (1091-1349), the Kingdom of France (1349-1713), the Duchy of Savoy, the wars between the French and Savoy (battle of 1777), again the French rule, the Napoleonic empire and the independence wars that led to unity in Italy in 1861. It was part of the Escartons (1343-1713) and for centuries shared the presence of two communities of different faith, the Catholic and the Valdese. With the unity of Italy, the inhabitants of the high Chisone valley and therefore also of Usseaux progressed gradually from the French habits; the language of the public acts became the Italian one and was taught in elementary schools. The First World War was experienced and suffered by the valley. The postwar period saw the phenomenon of seasonal emigration (people employed in the hotel industry in France or in the Pinerolese industry). The Second World War and the Liberation War also hit the high Chisone Valley with several episodes of blood and destruction. In the following years the valley revived the phenomenon of emigration (seasonal in France and towards the plain industries). Many emigrants have never returned to their homeland.

In the village of Usseaux stand out some buildings, largely restored, dating back to 1700, such as the oven, the wash-house and the Mill. Numerous and characteristics are the fountains. You will also meet in every corner of the village of original Balboutet sundials painted, one different from the other, together with lovely illustrative paintings. Particularly impressive and valuable is the parish church dedicated to Saint Peter.

Village of Usseaux
The Municipality of Usseaux
Metropolitan City of Turin
Piedmont Region

inhabitants: 186
Altitude center: 1416 m a.s.l.

The Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
Borghi Sostenibili del Piemonte
Unione montana Valli Chisone e Germanasca  
Comuni fioriti
Paesi bandiera arancione

Orange Flag - Italian Touring Club

Protected natural areas:
The Natural Park of the Gran Bosco di Salbertrand
Parco Naturale Orsiera - Rocciavrè

Via Conte Eugenio Brunette 53 - Tel. +39 0121 83909

= distances as the crow flies


  • Take the south ring road of Turin (direction Sestriere), Turin-Pinerolo motorway route (Autostrada del Pinerolese). Follow the signs for Val Chisone - Sestriere. After passing the built-up area of Fenestrelle, proceed on the SR 23 past the tunnel for about 3 km until you reach the first fork on the right from which the SP 171 starts which goes up to Usseaux (Km 1), the township of the municipality.


  • Turin Caselle Airport
  • Cuneo Levaldigi Airport

Sleep, eat, buy...

Farmhouse La Desiderata
A lovely location featuring a beautiful garden with terrace among the hills of Piedmont, in Agliè
Strada per Feletto, 2, Agli (Torino)
66.99 Kilometers from Usseaux
Trattoria Mamy
Corso Torino, 73 - 10051, Avigliana (Torino)
29.93 Kilometers from Usseaux
Azienda Agricola Ivano Challier
Fraz. Balboutet, Via Parco Orsiera, 2 - 10060, Usseaux
Ski Sport Dain
Villaggio Campo Smith - 10052, Bardonecchia (Torino)
26.00 Kilometers from Usseaux
= distances as the crow flies


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San Pietro

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It is from Pinerolo, a town about forty kilometers from Turin, where we depart from to go to one of the most beautiful villages of the whole Alpine arch, located in the heart of the Chisone valley.

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