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Sorso is a town in the historic territory of Romangia, which overlooks the Gulf of Asinara with a long coastal stretch of sand dunes, sheltered by pines, junipers and dwarf palms. The 18 kilometers of beaches, a few minutes from the town, are divided between the beautiful Marina di Sorso and the Sorsese coast of Platamona: blue sea, clear and fine sand and Mediterranean scents.
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Marina di Sorso beach  |
Marina di Sorso beach
Marina di Sorso  |
Marina di Sorso
Church of San Pantaleo  |
Church of San Pantaleo
Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine Noli me Tollere  |
Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine Noli me Tollere
War Memorial  |
War Memorial
Sacred well of Serra Niedda  |
Sacred well of Serra Niedda
Sorso  |

About the village

Sorso (Sòssu in turritano) is located in the ancient region of Romangia, overlooking the Gulf of Asinara, in Sardinia. Sorso enjoys a geographical location of notable scenic value; its coastline with the famous beaches of Marina di Sorso and Platamona. In the fertile surrounding lands are cultivated fruits and vegetables, but especially the olive tree and the vine. The toponym derives from the adverb logudorese josso/zosso (from the latin deorsum, i.e. "down", "Down", "underneath"), subsequently become Zorso, then Sorso (or Sossu), to indicate the lower altitude compared to neighboring Sennori. The name of Sorso, for the first time, is mentioned in the condaghe S. Pietro di Silki (1065-1180). The toponym appears several times in the Acts of the condaghe of the church of San Nicola di Trullas (Semestene), precious document drawn up between 1115 and 1176, in which are mentioned the names of Barusone de Sorso, Gosantine de Sorso, Furatu de Sorso; in the same Kondaghe reads "donated Iorgia woman of Athen at the point of death, of its domo di Sorso with all its appurtenances jumping and vineyards and lands and court and servants and Canneto and Palmetum". The Athen family, many of whose members were members of the Corona de Logu in the royal palace of Ardara, had ownership in Sorso. It is likely that the toponym has originated from a latin adverb sursum versus, "up", "upwards"; this is probably to indicate to the elevated position of the country compared to that of Turris Lybisonis (current Porto Torres), from which the turrenses departed to go to sip. The inhabitants of Sorso are appointed sorsensi sorsinchi or, from the latin incola, inhabitant (sors-inchi, inhabitants of Sorso).

The territory is rich in archaeological finds dating back to the pre-nuraghic period, the current suburb however is of Roman origin and it became a major religious center in the Middle Ages. The Prenauraghic, remain the domus de janas of the Abbiu and the site of Geridu between Sorso and Sassari. In the V century the Carthaginians transformed Sorso in a fortress to which today there remains the site of Santa Filitica. The site of Gericu Geridu or is the most important archaeological site of the city romangiate. During the 1300 SIP was passed from hand to different feudatories and was repeatedly attacked and destroyed either by the restlessness of the inhabitants of Castelgenovese (Castelsardo), both by the Doria family. In 1436 Sorso and Sennori were sold together with Gonario Gambella and from that moment the fate of the two countries were identical. The coat of arms of Sorso both in the version that today in that ancient returns a quarter symbol of the family Gambella. After numerous other passages to the property of the country, in 1527 it suffered the attack on the part of the French troops of Renzo Orsini to then pass again between different hands before redemption of 1838. The history of agriculture and breeding sorsese has brought to light land suited to all cultures and poor pastures that provided the livelihood of the country while the surplus was sold to Sassari and Porto Torres.

Village of Sorso
Municipality of Sorso
Province of Sassari
Region Sardinia

Inhabitants: 14.714
Altitude center: 136 m a.s.l.

The Municipality is part of:
City of wine

Blue Flag

Piazza Garibaldi - Tel. 079-339200

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