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In the heart of Umbria, a land of enchanting landscapes and ancient traditions, stands Montefalco, a village that holds history and culture in every stone. Known as the 'Balcony of Umbria' for the exceptional panoramic view it offers, Montefalco is a must-see destination for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in an authentic medieval atmosphere. Architectural wonders include: the church of San Francesco now a museum, and the walls that enclose a heritage to be discovered. The winemaking tradition does not fail, with Sagrantino di Montefalco, a wine of international resonance, an essential stop on a food and wine journey in Umbria. Through the cobblestone streets and quiet squares of this village, the daily life of the Montefalco people is told, offering a glimpse into the ancient workshops and textile art, the pride of the area. This article will invite the reader on a journey of discovery to a place where time seems to stand still, providing a unique experience.
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The square  |
The square
Montefalco  |
Montefalco  |
Traditional parade over the streets of Montefalco on Easter Monday  |
Traditional parade over the streets of Montefalco on Easter Monday
Montefalco  | ValerioMei/shutterstock
Montefalco  | ValerioMei/shutterstock
Sagrantino vineyards  | Stefano Termanini/shutterstock
Sagrantino vineyards
Stefano Termanini/shutterstock
Montefalco  | Reimar/shutterstock
Montefalco  | Porojnicu Stelian/shutterstock
Porojnicu Stelian/shutterstock
Montefalco  | laura zamboni/shutterstock
laura zamboni/shutterstock
Montefalco  | Paolo Paradiso/shutterstock
Paolo Paradiso/shutterstock
Montefalco  | ermess/shutterstock
A look at Montefalco
A look at Montefalco
View of the small Umbrian village of Montefalco, famous for the cycle of frescos by Benozzo Gozzoli, and for the fine Sagrantino di Montefalco wine.  | Luca Gallerini - e-borghi Community
View of the small Umbrian village of Montefalco...
Luca Gallerini - e-borghi Community

About the village

Montefalco is known as the "Balcony of Umbria" for the enchanting views from its privileged location. Situated atop a hill, this village offers breathtaking 360-degree views that sweep from the Topino and Clitunno rivers to the Martani Mountains. Over the centuries, Montefalco has captivated visitors and artists alike, who remain enchanted by its beauty and the horizon that seems to embrace all of Umbria.

The artistic heritage of the village

The Polo Museale di San Francesco represents the heart of Montefalco's artistic heritage; it houses in its interior the museum church of San Francesco, known worldwide for Benozzo Gozzoli's frescoes, which tell the Stories from the Life of St. Francis. These Renaissance masterpieces, with their vivid depiction of historical events and characters, are an essential reference point for understanding the town's history. The adjoining picture gallery preserves valuable works by Francesco Melanzio and Niccolò Alunno, bearing witness to the stylistic and cultural evolution of various eras. Through these works, one is immersed in the art and history of Montefalco, perceiving it as a privileged observatory to the past.

Excursions and itineraries

Montefalco, because of its location, lends itself particularly well to a variety of trips and excursions. Without straying too far from the village, Sistema Museo and the Museo Civico organize walking itineraries with very interesting themed guided tours. Through these tours it is possible to explore places, crafts and flavors of the town's past. For art lovers, the "Montefalco and the Wonder of the Renaissance" itinerary, dedicated to Benozzo Gozzoli, is ideal, offering a complete immersion in the artist's work and the culture of the Renaissance period.

Local traditions and events

Traditions in Montefalco have deep roots in local culture, inextricably linked to religion and food and wine. Among the events that keep the town's historical and cultural heritage alive is the Fuga del Bove. This event takes place on August 12, 13 and 14 and features the participation of the town's four districts, which compete in a historical reenactment in medieval costume. During the festival, the streets of Montefalco come alive with theatrical performances, and they rumble to the sound of drummers, are colored by the twirling of flag-wavers and come alive with demonstrations of crossbowmen's skills. The events are not limited to pure reenactment, but are accompanied by a context of festivities that involve both the local community and visitors, in a combination of history, tradition and conviviality.

Among the events that evoke food and wine traditions, one of the best known is Cantine Aperte, when local wineries open their doors to visitors, allowing them to taste prestigious wines in a festive atmosphere. Enologica Montefalco celebrations bring together wine enthusiasts and professionals to share their passion for wine and promote the area through workshops, tastings and various entertainment. Finally, Rock Doc Live represents a unique opportunity for music lovers to enjoy live performances immersed in Montefalco's wine context. These events help keep traditions alive and promote local culture in many ways.

Village of Montefalco
Municipality of Montefalco

Province of Perugia
Umbria Region

Population: 5.496 montefalchesi
Altitude centre: 472 m s.l.m.

the Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
Città dei sapori
Città del bio
Città del vino
Città dell'olio
Città slow
Strada del Sagrantino

Orange Flag - Italian Touring Club
Spighe Verdi

Piazza del Comune - Tel. +39 0742 378673

= distances as the crow flies


  • From the North: A1 motorway; Valdichiana exit; highway connection to Perugia; continue to Foligno; follow signs for Montefalco
  • From the south: A1 motorway to Orte; continue towards Perugia; exit Massa Martana; follow signs for Montefalco


  • Foligno station


  • "S. Egidio" Umbrian Regional Airport Perugia
  • "Leonardo da Vinci" International Airport - Fiumicino Rome

Typical cuisine in Montefalco is distinguished by its genuine products and recipes that have been handed down for generations, often linked to local festivities and holidays. Among the emblematic dishes of this area of Umbria, gnocchi al Sagrantino Passito represent a creative fusion between the land and wine, the latter ingredient giving its name to Sagrantino, a prized red wine of the region. This type of gnocchi is prepared with a potato dough enriched with Sagrantino Passito, and can be served with a topping of butter and caciotta cheese, which further enhances the flavor.
The typical Montefalco gastronomy is thus charged with aromas and tradition, presenting a palette of flavors that reflects the authenticity and gastronomic richness of Umbria.

  • May - Open Cellars. Usually the last Sunday of the month, tasting of local wines in the places of production in association with typical products of the territory.

August Montefalchese. From the first week of August is proposed a broad program of musical entertainment or theatrical. The four districts of the village open taverns and, in Renaissance dress, compete for the assignment of the scope Falco d'Oro. The main evenings of the challenge are:

  • 12 August - Gare of tamburini and of flag-wavers.
  • 13 August - each district has a theatrical show, that all the years change of theme.
  • 14 August - the challenge between balestrieri and race in the relay.
  • 19 August - Escape of the Ox. Running of the bulls at the field of games. We compete in the commemoration of the popular game that since the Medieval period was held during the days of Christmas. The giostratori of each district accompany and guide of the stroke, a bull (weighing between 4 and 5 quintals) along a predetermined path in a race to direct encounters two by two. The final winner wins the Palio, that every year is commissioned to a different artist, painting inspired in Montefalco and to the nature of the event.

With the escape of the Ox it concludes the August Montelachese. In Piazza del Comune is assigned the Hawk d'Oro on the basis of the scores obtained by the rioni in all tests.

  • End August - Rock Doc Live.
  • September - Enologica Montefalco. Exhibition market of wines and the presentation of the new vintage of the Sagrantino di Montefalco, with guided tastings and conferences in enogastronomic theme.

Sleep, eat, buy...

= distances as the crow flies
Piazzale Pianillo Fantucci, Vallo di Nera (Perugia)
23.10 Kilometers from Montefalco
= distances as the crow flies
= distances as the crow flies


june, 2024

Patronal Feast of San Fortunato

june, 2024
to thursday 13 june 2024

In Montefalco

august, 2024

Procession of the Lamps

august, 2024

Feast of St Claire of the Cross

september, 2024

Feast of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Star

september, 2024

Harvest Fair

september, 2024
to sunday 22 september 2024

Enologica Montefalco

april, 2025

Dead Christ procession

april, 2025

Risen Christ Glory

Our news about Montefalco

Among the Umbrian tables, on Easter morning, there is a traditional cheese cake. A savory panettone which, depending on the area, may undergo variations while maintaining its constants: cheese, pecorino cheese, salt and pepper. As per tradition, this soft rustic is accompanied by the flavors of the capocollo, boiled eggs and wine and in ancient times it was customary to prepare it during Holy Week and then take it to church, to be blessed, on Easter day.Let's see how it is prepared.
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