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The center of Alvito is the beating heart of the village, which envelops the population with the scent of coffee, from nougats to almond paste, to cream desserts with noble names. Walking in the village there are many churches and many palaces of the noble families of Alvitano, an old fountain and one of the ancient access doors to the town.
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Alvito  | Paul Rawlingson/
Paul Rawlingson/
Alvito  | PT Pictures/
PT Pictures/
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Alvito  | horseman82/
Alvito  | horseman82/
Alvito  | paul rawlingson/
paul rawlingson/
Palazzo Monaco  | Giuseppe Monaco
Palazzo Monaco
Giuseppe Monaco
A look at Alvito
A look at Alvito

About the village

Alvito is a small village in the province of Frosinone. It is located in the valley of Comino, inside the national park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. This beautiful bourg is a required stop not to be missed: its three-level structure lays elegantly on Monte Morrone; its ancient walls run downhill through the olive trees, embracing the whole village and painting a wonderful picture.

The centre is the beating heart of the village: the smell of coffee, of torrone with almond paste and of custard pastries with noble names will walk you through the village and let you discover its places of interest.

History tells us that, during the Renaissance, the dukes Gallio built here their palace. Today, it is the seat of the municipal hall. You’ll always find some locals willing to show you this magnificent palace: you will be stunned by its richly decorated interiors and its small and precious theatre.

The Castle, a noble fortress owned by feudal families that used to coin money, dominates the entire valley with its imposing watchtowers. The alleys, the little churches, the small squares: everything contributes to creating a silent and relaxing atmosphere, where you can walk to the rhythm of the bells announcing the celebration of the Mass. There, you can meet the priest, a humble person who’s always ready to tell interesting stories and legends; he’s proud of his role and he cherishes the church with care and love.

In Alvito, local tourism agencies organise different tours to discover history, art, nature, culinary traditions and to do sports activities. Book your trip: locals will bring you to the most amazing places, making you discover the history, the past and natural landscapes of this area. During these tours, all your five senses will be stimulated by the smell of sycamores in the alleys, the taste of artisan torrone, the spectacular view from the castle, the polished stones of its walls, the birdsongs and the voices of the wolves coming by the woods. But in Alvito there’s also a sixth sense – imagination, which has lead to create fascinating and spectacular itineraries, in order to explore the land in all its parts. The tours are manifold: you can choose to walk in the mountains or through the vineyards of Cabernet Atina DOC and get to know where Pecorino DOP is produced; you can visit the sixteenth-century palaces in the old town centre or discover the history of the numerous bell towers. Another tour includes the visit of 15 famous fountains that date back to 1100.

Village of Alvito
Municipality of Alvito
Province of Frosinone
Lazio region

Inhabitants: 2.650 alvitani
Center altitude: 475 m a.s.l.

the Municipality is part of:
Union Valle di Comino
Mountain community Valle di Comino

Piazza Marconi, 3 - Alvito
tel: 0776510101

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  • Along the highway, the closest exits to the center of Alvito are:
    - Pontecorvo - Castrocielo exit (A1 Milan-Naples)
    - Cassino exit (A1 Milan-Naples)


  • Roccasecca station
  • Cassino station


  • Pescara airport

Sleep, eat, buy...

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Via Filippo Corridoni, 16, Sora (Frosinone)
11.55 Kilometers from Alvito
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