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Cerenzia is an ancient village of Byzantine origin. On the hill where the ancient center stood, there are still traces of a substantial urban area, among which, in particular, a sacred building largely preserved and, in an eminent position, the full-bodied remains of a more elaborate structure known like the Bishopric.
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Cerenzia  | TurisCalabria
Cerenzia  | TurisCalabria
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A look at Cerenzia
A look at Cerenzia

About the village

The current inhabited center of Cerenzia rose in the second half of the nineteenth century, when the cerentinesi moved to malaria more to the west with respect to the old fortress, Akerentia (also called Acheronthia or Acerenthia), a time seat of the diocese, with a clear reference to the river Acheron (or Akeronte), the ancient name of the injured, that runs at the foot of the cliff.

When many countries of the district were simple "Casali" Acerenthia, was an important and glorious Byzantine city. On the plateau where once stood the ancient center, are still evident traces of a substantial conurbation, among which, in particular, a sacred building largely conserved and, in an eminent position, the bodied remains of a structure more elaborate identified as the Bishopric.

Acerenthia, Acherontia or Geruntia. On his behalf and on its origins legend and history are confused, giving it a particular charm of mystery. Founded according to some by Enotri, according to others by the mythical Philoctetes, the city was surrounded by high walls natural and dominated, as well as still dominates the valley of the river injured, a time maybe named Acheron, from which it derives the etymology.

Continuous yielding of the masonry structures, difficulties in the supply of drinking water, malaria and earthquakes, forced the inhabitants to a progressive exodus, that around the middle of 1800 culminated with the definitive abandonment and the transfer in the current site. Despite the abandonment, the ratio of the inhabitants with their ancient city has never been interrupted. The visit to the ruins of the dead city is an ongoing pilgrimage, that on the occasion of the feast of the Ecce Homo, becomes a real procession around the village.

Village of Cerenzia
Municipality of Cerenzia

Province of Crotone
Calabria Region

Population: 1.147 
Altitude centre: 664 m s.l.m.

the Municipality is part of:
Città dell'olio

Municipality of Cerenzia
Piazza Municipio 16 - Cerenzia (KR)
Tel. +39 0984 995035


  • Crotone railway station
  • Cosenza railway station


  • Lamezia Terme airport

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Eranusa Battello a Fondo Trasparente
Via Duomo Le Castella - 88841, Isola di Capo Rizzuto (Crotone)
42.63 Kilometers from Cerenzia


november, 2020

San Teodoro Martire - Patron Saint

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Some Italian villages hide mysteries that sometimes even the inhabitants themselves are unable to explain and attract the curiosity of tourists, lovers of the unknown and legends. Among these "mysterious" villages there is certainly Cerenzia, an ancient village in Calabria in the province of Crotone, founded by pre-Roman populations. Acerenthia (this is the original name), in fact, was founded by the Enotri or perhaps by Filottete, as claimed ...
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