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Valsavarenche is an alpine village nestled in the Gran Paradiso Park, in Valle d'Aosta. It is located in a narrow valley 24 kilometers long, known for having been the scene of ascents and great crossings around the group of the Gran Paradiso massif.
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Valsavarenche  | gab90
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A look at Valsavarenche
A look at Valsavarenche

About the village

The town center is dominated by the parish church dedicated to the Madonna del Carmine, dating back to 1483, which Umberto I of Savoy, lover and frequent visitor of this valley, had rebuilt at his own expense. A few steps from the church, in the central street of the village you can access the Visitor Center, a place worth visiting to immerse yourself in the history of the Gran Paradiso National Park and discover the life, survival and activities of the animals that inhabit it. The undisputed queen is the lynx, presented in its natural environment, which is reconstructed with every detail. The center also houses the Spazio Lupo, where documents on the presence of the wolf in the protected area are recorded. Inside the space, two taxidermised wolf specimens can be admired and a selection of texts and websites can be consulted on which to read up and satisfy any curiosity about the wolf. Another point of interest is the mountain library, where you can find all the useful information (books, collections of historical magazines) to fully explore the world of the mountains. The building that will complete your knowledge of these places is the ethnographic museum, which presents an exhibition of work tools, clothes and photographs related to the traditional activities of the ancient alpine communities of Valsavarenche.

Thanks to the presence of easily practicable paths, Valsavarenche is an optimal location for hikers. Most of the tracks still used today were built by the royals of the House of Savoy who went hunting in these areas. Numerous excursions can be made, such as those to the Chabod shelters, Vittorio Emanuele II and Savoia and to the Colle del Nivolet. Always in memory of King Vittorio Emanuele, the royal hunting lodge of Orvieille was restored by the Park, a destination worthy of being visited. From Orvieille, the trail climbs through a forest of spruce and larch trees to Lake Djouan, a splendid natural viewpoint overlooking the glaciers and peaks of the Gran Paradiso.

In winter, Valsavarenche offers a wide range of activities: cross-country skiing for those in search of tranquility; alpine skiing for the more adventurous; snowshoe walks for those who want to experience the beauty of the woods and the mountains. There are also numerous mountaineering destinations, among which the best known is certainly the ascent to the summit of the Gran Paradiso. The Vittorio Emanuele and Chabod refuges serve as the base for the climb to the top, in a strategic position as they are located right at the base of majestic glaciers.

In summer, the resort welcomes hiking enthusiasts but not only. The Adventure Park Le Gordze du Terré, for example, will make you experience unique emotions: in a journey lasting 2-3 hours, the Alpine Guides will accompany you through a unique athletic-naturalistic adventure in Italy. Combining canyoning and climbing, one moves suspended over the Savara stream, in correspondence of the rapids that it forms at the town of Terré; an experience that unites adults and children combining fun and knowledge of the territory.

An unmissable event to taste the typical products of the gastronomic tradition is the "Festa del Civet", held on the second Saturday of August. The Civet is a meat marinated for a few days in abundant wine flavored with spices, which is stewed giving rise to a dish with a particularly robust and aromatic flavor, typical of mountain areas.

Village of Valsavarenche
Municipality of Valsavarenche
Municipalities of Valle d'Aosta
Valle d'Aosta Region
Inhabitants: 164
Center altitude: 1541 m s.l.m.

the Municipality is part of:
Unione valdôtaines Grand-Paradis

Protected natural areas:
Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso
Patronal feast
Madonna del Carmine - 16 luglio

Municipalities of Valle d'Aosta
Frazione Degioz, 166 - Valsavarenche
tel: 0165905703


  • From Turin: A5 motorway to Valle d'Aosta, direction Aosta with exit at Aosta Ovest. Take the S.S. 26 in the direction of Courmayeur until reaching the Municipality of Villeneuve. From here take the Regional Road 23 to Valsavarenche.
  • From Milan: A4 motorway towards Turin; take the Santhià ring road towards Aosta with the Aosta Ovest exit. Take the S.S. 26 in the direction of Courmayeur until reaching the Municipality of Villeneuve. From here take the Regional Road 23 to Valsavarenche.
  • From Courmayeur: A5 motorway towards Aosta with exit at Aosta Ovest, then take the S.S. 26 in the direction of Courmayeur until reaching the Municipality of Villeneuve. From here take the Regional Road 23 for Valsavarenche.


  • Villeneuve railway station


  • Aosta airport

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N. S. del Carmelo

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The history of the National Park of Gran Paradiso is bound to the Savoia family’s one. Under the King Vittorio Emanuele II it became the “Royal Game Reserve” in 1856 and this contributed to the saving of the ibex from extinction, its surface was wider than the present national park. It’s the same animal that appears on the emblem of the oldest park of Italy that was founded in 1922 with the decree signed by the King Vit...
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