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Discover the timeless charm of Syracuse's Villages: A bike tour between Greece and Baroque

Bookable up to wednesday 31 july 2024

Immerse yourself in an adventure among the villages of Syracuse, exploring Hellenic monuments, fascinating Baroque architecture, spectacular landscapes and savoring local delicacie

from 170.00 €

Lenght: 9 hours
Max persons: 7
Noto / Palazzolo Acreide
Noto / Palazzolo Acreide
Palazzolo acreide
Palazzolo acreide

We present a truly exclusive experience that will take you to discover the picturesque villages of Syracuse, among monuments of ancient Greece and refined Baroque architecture. For one full day, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in an authentic journey through time, to travel 120 km of a road that seems to be made of history and dreams, and to climb the slopes of a land kissed by the sun and intoxicated by the scents of the Mediterranean.

The tour will begin within the majestic walls of the Greek Theater of Syracuse, a place that seems suspended between myth and reality. From there we will take you to the island of Ortigia, the cradle of Sicilian Baroque: you will lose your gaze among the flowered balconies, majestic churches and cobbled streets, enchanted by a timeless beauty.

Then you will arrive in Sortino, a picturesque village nestled among the rocky hills, located along the ancient Fusco road. Here you will have the opportunity to explore the Pantalica reserve, a true treasure chest of biodiversity, turreted with breathtaking views and precious geological evidence.

During the tour you will have the opportunity to experience true Sicilian cuisine, with a lunch break that will allow you to sample the authentic flavors of the land of Sicily. You'll try local cheeses, fragrant wines and fruit freshly picked from the tree, all in a rejuvenating and tasty break.

The trip will end in Palazzolo Acreide, another gem of history and art, a perfect combination of Greco-Roman influences and Baroque traits. To end on a high note, you'll visit the striking structure of Palazzolo's Greek Theater, before enjoying a delicious meal prepared with fresh, local ingredients.

Immerse yourself in this unique experience among history, flavors and architectural masterpieces. Unenda the authentic Sicilian odyssey, a journey that will leave you with unforgettable memories and a desire to return again.

Don't miss the opportunity to live a unique experience. Buy the package now!


1. Greek Theater of Syracuse: The beginning of the tour will take you to the famous Greek Theater of Syracuse, one of the most fascinating ancient theaters, where you can admire the grandeur and beauty of this historic monument.

2. Ortigia: The Sicilian Baroque: The island of Ortigia is a jewel of the Sicilian Baroque, with its flowery balconies and intricate architecture. Here you can admire the wonders of this artistic style reflected in every corner.

3. Village of Sortino and Pantalica Reserve: The picturesque village of Sortino, nestled in the Sicilian hills, will be a must-see. Along the way, you will pass through the striking Pantalica Reserve, which offers breathtaking scenery and a rich geological history.

4. Sicilian Gastronomy: During the tour, you will have the opportunity to taste delicious Sicilian cuisine. You'll sample delicious cheeses, robust wines, and fresh fruit, letting the authentic flavors of the local tradition captivate you.

5. Borgo di Ferla: Ferla is an enchanting peaceful village, where you can immerse yourself in tranquility and savor typical local products. Enjoy a moment of relaxation and a snack that will make you fall even more in love with Sicilian cuisine.

6. Palazzolo Acreide: Greek and Baroque Influences: The last stop takes you to Palazzolo Acreide, a village that combines the elegance of Greek influences and the magnificence of the Baroque. Admire the cobblestone streets and main square of this charming place.

7. Greek Theater of Palazzolo: The adventure will culminate with a visit to the Greek Theater of Palazzolo, where you can immerse yourself in the history and atmosphere of this ancient performance venue. A unique experience to end the tour on a high note.

Our tour of the villages between Greece and Baroque is designed for those who wish to experience a day immersed in nature and history while enjoying Sicilian flavors. Don't miss the opportunity to live a unique experience, book your tour today!

Interested villages: Ferla, Palazzolo Acreide, Ortigia, Sortino



  • 08.00 - Departure from the Greek theater of Syracuse towards the island of Ortigia (Syracuse) and tour of the districts of Ortigia by bike.
  • 09.00 - After visiting Ortigia by bike we head towards the vault of Sortino going up the Fusco.
  • 11.00 brief stop for refreshments in Sortino
  • 11.30 we start again by bike going up to Ferla
  • 12.30 arrival in Ferla, stop for 15 minutes and go down to Palazzolo Acreide
  • 14.00 lunch Palazzolo Acreide
  • 15.00 visit of Palazzolo and the Greek theater of Palazzolo
  • 16.30 Departure with van and bike trailer
  • 5.30 pm expected arrival in Syracuse

Technical details

  • Km: 120
  • Slope: uphill
  • Duration: 9 h


minimal price
Adults [18-69] 170.00 €

from 170.00 €

The shown prices are per person.


  • The rental of muscle bikes and helmets
  • Driving by bike
  • Mechanical assistance on the bike
  • The transfer from Palazzolo to Syracuse with a 9-seater van and bike trolley.

It does not include

  • The rental of an electric or pedal assisted bike which can be requested for a fee as a supplement
  • The lunch
  • Dinner
  • The livingroom
  • Ticket to the Greek theater of Syracuse and Palazzolo

Terms and conditions

  • € 170,00 for person (min 2 people)
  • € 130,00 for person (groups of 4 people)
  • € 120,00 for person (groups of 6 people)
  • € 110,00 for person (groups of 7 people)

When the number of people listed above is reached, the operator will endeavor to credit each person with the amount in excess of his or her payment.
Non-refundable fee. In case of inability to take advantage of the experience, the operator may issue a voucher with annual validity.


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