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Five Senses Barefoot Park: A Dive into Nature

Bookable up to tuesday 31 december 2024

Discover the Five Senses Barefoot Park in the heart of Lazio! A natural, interactive and sensory experience suitable for all ages.

from 29.00 €

Lenght: 2 hours
Max persons: 15

Do you too wonder what lies hidden among the natural wonders of Lazio? Well, you might be surprised to learn that, in the midst of nature, there is an authentic and immersive experience called "Five Senses Barefoot Park." It is both an adventure suitable for all ages and a journey that stimulates and awakens your five senses.

Barefoot Five Senses Park offers a 100% natural experience, immersed in the green woods and countryside of Lazio, designed for children and their families, but open to all.

Every attraction within the park comes to life inspired by Mother Nature. The Artisans of the Senses, dedicated janitors of the park, are ready to engage you in simple but effective activities. Forgotten games, creative and manual activities, and educational sports are the heartbeat of a day at Five Senses Park.

You will be guided along the 700-meter trail through ground tanks filled with various natural materials, both dry and wet, as well as curious sensory installations. The barefoot exploration is suitable for everyone, young and old, and you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature for about an hour.

And just when you think you've got it all, the Five Senses Barefoot Park surprises you with its dry and wet ground pools, a sensory trail full of surprises to smell, touch, and step on, and the unforgettable experience of baking stick bread on a ground brazier.

The park is a tribute to the importance of nature and the pleasure of being together, stimulating the senses and creating a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences. The materials used in the park are all natural, each individual activity area is a wonderful reminder of the earth, awakening a forgotten but stimulating and beneficial way of life.

Don't wait, purchase your Five Senses Park adventure package and enjoy a natural experience suitable for all ages that will delight your senses and give you memories to take home. If you are looking for unique thrills and enjoy contact with nature, then the Five Senses Barefoot Park is the experience for you.


  1. One hundred percent natural experience immersed in the wooded and rural nature of Lazio.
  2. Attractions inspired by Mother Nature for total sensory interaction.
  3. Barefoot trail of about 700 meters filled with a variety of natural materials.
  4. Activities including games, crafts and educational sports for young and old.
  5. All materials used in the park are natural, offering an intense connection with the earth.
Interested villages: Vitorchiano


Experience cost
Adults & teens [12-99] 29.00 €
Kids [2-11] 19.00 €

from 29.00 €

The shown prices are per person.


  • Barefoot path
  • Stick bread
  • Two sausages with bread to grill independently
  • Water from the spring

It does not include

  • Membership card
  • Beverages

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