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White safari among marble peaks - from 350 €

Thursday 22 april 2021 | Travel proposal valid until: Monday 21 march 2022

A real safari in a 4x4 Jeep through the marble quarries of Carrara, with a stop in the small village of Colonnata to taste the prized lard. Concluding the tour with a sunset in Pietrasanta.

Lenght: full day
Period: from May 2021 to May 2022
Max persons: 8 people
White safari among marble peaks

Discovering Colonnata and its Lardo
The starting point for this tour is Colonnata, a small hamlet in the province of Carrara, located right at the foot of the Apuan Alps, in the flanks of which are the quarries from which the famous Carrara marble is extracted. Colonnata lies right in the heart of the quarry district, in particular in the area known as Gioia Calagio. Gioia is the name of one of the largest quarries in the area, shaped in terraces, from which bardiglio, arabesque and veined marble are extracted: in this basin stands out the mural created by Kobra depicting Michelangelo's David, a frequent visitor to these quarries, thanks to whose marble he created works of extraordinary beauty such as the Pietà and, indeed, the David.

From Piazza Palestra, located in the shadow of an ancient stone bell tower, we reach the 12th-century Church of San Bartolomeo, in front of which there is a marble statue of Christ and the Monument to the Quarrymen in memory of the workers who lost their lives in the quarries.

During the tour there will be a tasting of Lardo di Colonnata I.G.P. There are dozens of lard factories in the village where the product is still processed according to traditional methods that include marinating in marble vats (with spices such as pepper, cloves, coriander, sage, rosemary and cinnamon) and resting in cellars for about 7 months.

Safari among the quarries and visit to Marina di Pietrasanta
A guided tour through the marble quarries of Colonnata is included in the tour programme. Tourists will find themselves on board a 4x4 jeep, wedged between colossal gashes created in the shadow of the Apuan Alps for marble extraction, with bulldozers parked here and there whose wheels are even taller than a man. An expert guide will then explain the history of these places, the secrets and anecdotes linked to marble and its processing, from extraction to cutting, which is also done with diamond wires.

The safari among the white marble of Carrara is followed by a visit to a workshop where studies and training courses are held for artists from all over the world, who perhaps want to follow in the footsteps of the great Michelangelo.

The tour continues towards the Tyrrhenian coast to Pietrasanta, whose undisputed symbol is the Romanesque Cathedral of San Martino, which dates back to the 13th century. In addition to its splendid marble façade, the interior houses numerous works of art and treasures such as a choir, also made of marble, and Ademollo's 19th-century frescoes. Piazza Duomo, where the Marzocco Column stands, is also the site of the Baptistery and Palazzo Moroni, home to the Museo dei Bozzetti, which displays hundreds of drawings, sketches and models of marble sculptures.

Pietrasanta presents itself to visitors as a veritable open-air museum, with in particular the curious tattooed sculptures by the artist Fabio Viale that adorn the town's squares and alleyways. Pietrasanta's link with art has always been very strong: the Colombian artist Botero himself decided to spend some time in the Tuscan town.


An all-Italian safari awaits you as you discover the quarries of the Apuan Alps. Majestic, white, delicate and strong at the same time. Discovering them in a 4x4 will be a breathtaking experience. The adventure starts in the famous village of Colonnata, home of the delicious lard.
You will be literally catapulted among the majestic peaks hiding snow-white quarries, guided by an expert local driver who will reveal the anecdotes and secrets linked to the extraction of this material sought after throughout the world. You will visit an exclusive shipyard where sculptors from all over the world undertake training and study of marble sculpture. Finally, all the elegance of Pietrasanta, with its famous sculptures, will offer you breathtaking sunsets over the Tyrrhenian Sea.

For those who wish, the experience can be included in a stay of 3 nights and 4 days in a splendid location on the promontory of the Golfo dei Poeti. Private transfers available on request.

Interested villages: Pietrasanta, Colonnata
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The experience includes
- visit to the village of Colonnata with private guide
- tasting of the famous lard of Colonnata
- 4x4 tour to the marble quarries with expert guide
- visit to the Carrara marble working site
- visit of Marina di Pietrasanta with local guide
This experience includes a Wairtravel gadget.


Price from € 350.00 adult

Travel proposal valid until: Monday 21 march 2022


- a guided tour to discover Colonnata
- tasting of Lardo di Colonnata I.G.P.
- tour of the marble quarries in a jeep
- visit to a marble processing site
- tour of Marina di Pietrasanta
- a WaiTravel gadget

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