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From black to white, all the charm of natural gold: the truffle - from 250 €

Friday 16 april 2021 | Travel proposal valid until: Monday 21 march 2022

Walk through the medieval streets of Citerna and truffle hunt in a private reserve with an expert truffle hunter. Cooking class and secrets of an excellent truffle pasta.

Lenght: full day
Period: from June 2021 to May 2022
Max persons: 8 people
From black to white, all the charm of natural gold: the truffle

Discovering Citerna, pearl of the Upper Tiber Valley
The starting point for this tourist itinerary is the picturesque village of Citerna, in the province of Perugia, located on top of a hill with a view of the entire Tiber Valley and considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
Citerna has maintained its medieval appearance intact, with its walls and walkways that are a real gem: they look like brick tunnels, interspersed with panoramic loggias.
One of the village's main attractions is the 16th-century Church of San Francesco, which houses Donatello's Madonna and Child with the baby Jesus made of quicksilver.
Don't miss a visit to the Pieve di San Michele Arcangelo, which houses a ceramic Madonna and Child by Della Robbia and a Crucifixion by Pomarancio. A stone's throw from the parish church is the Rocca built by the Lombards, now in ruins due to bombing during the Second World War.

A visit to Citerna must include a descent into the underground passages of the village where, in addition to the cisterns used to collect rainwater, there is the Sala degli Ammassi: in this evocative room with its 16th-century vaults, the population stored provisions and grains, especially when they took refuge here to escape from enemies.
The last gem not to be missed is the "Vesperbild", the Pietà dating back to the 14th century and housed in the St. Elisabeth Monastery. From the church it is easy to reach the ancient acropolis, which in 200 A.D. became a burgus, from which the view sweeps over the Sibillini Mountains, Mount Verna and Mount Fumaiolo where the Tiber rises.

A tour on the trail of the truffle
One of the most famous festivals in Citerna is La Bisaccia del Tartufo, whose name refers to the ancient truffle container used in the Middle Ages. The absolute protagonist of this event is his majesty the truffle: each company participates with its own stands, offering its own excellences of the forest to visitors, from the trifola truffle to the scorzone black truffle to the white truffle typical of the Valtiberina.


A three-hour excursion to hunt for truffles on the property of a private company: participants will venture into the dense woods accompanied by friendly Lagotti dogs and expert guides who will recount the secrets, history and curiosities of this mushroom, sometimes as precious as a bar of gold.
The second stage of the tour is a stop at the same farm where Mrs Gabriella will hold a cooking lesson, teaching how to cook truffles according to true Umbrian tradition.
This is followed by a lunch based on typical local products. Not only truffles but also home-made pasta with goose sauce, croutons with chicken entrails, steak with strictly Chianina meat and a mixed roast with pigeon, duck, rabbit and chicken. Then there are desserts, in particular castagnole and torcoli, to be washed down with Vinsanto, a soft passito wine typical of the area.

For those who wish, the experience can be included in a 2-night, 3-day stay in the splendid Umbrian countryside in a historic residence. Private transfers are available on request.

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This experience is structured as follows:
-Discovering the village of Citerna
- 3 hours of private truffle hunting, with equipment and support from the expert truffle hunter
- visit to the truffle farm, where a cooking class with Ms Gabriella will be held
- full lunch dedicated to the flavours of Umbrian tradition, accompanied by truffles, homemade pasta and other local specialities to be discovered.


Price from € 250.00

Travel proposal valid until: Monday 21 march 2022


- three hours of private truffle hunting, with equipment and support from the expert truffle hunter
- visit to the truffle farm and cooking class with Ms Gabriella
- full lunch dedicated to the flavours of Umbrian tradition
- walk through the medieval alleys of the village of Citerna with a local expert guide
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From black to white, all the charm of natural gold: the truffle - from 250 €
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