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Three days and two nights in Tramonti between trekking and tastings - from 212 €

Wednesday 10 march 2021 | Travel proposal valid until: Thursday 10 march 2022

A two-night stay in Tramonti, a splendid village on the Amalfi Coast in the Monti Lattari, allows you to follow ancient roads in the footsteps of ancient flavours and typical products.

Lenght: 3 days
Period: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Three days and two nights in Tramonti between trekking and tastings

Departing from Tramonti
Tramonti is considered the green heart of the Amalfi Coast: its past is linked to the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, while today Tramonti has established itself as an unmissable stop for all those who want to discover the authentic and ancient flavours of this coastal stretch of the Amalfi Coast.
The highlight of this stay is trekking along the Sentiero delle Formichelle (Path of the Ants), but there is also plenty of time to visit the beauties of Tramonti, starting with the seventeenth-century Conservatorio dei santi Giuseppe e Teresa in the hamlet of Pucara. One of the territory's oldest delicacies, Concerto, was produced in the Baroque-style building: it is a digestive, creamy and fragrant liqueur prepared with spices and herbs such as cloves, fennel, nutmeg, liquorice, edelweiss and mint.
Also worth a visit are the Church of Sant'Elia, in the hamlet of Paterno Sant'Elia, beyond whose lava stone portal a baptismal font from 1458 is kept, and the Rock Chapel dug out of the rock in the 13th century, in the hamlet of Gete, the Convent of San Francesco di Polvica and many others.

The Sentiero delle Formichelle and the history of the Amalfi lemon
On Saturday, there will be a trek along the Sentiero delle Formichelle (Path of the Ants), which runs for 8 km between Tramonti and Minori. The route passes through villages, vineyards, terraces and ancient mule tracks that in the 19th century were used by tireless women who transported local products, especially lemons, like industrious ants. During the route, which is quite easy, the guide will explain to hikers the history of one of the products at the basis of the gastronomic tradition of the Amalfi Coast, namely the IGP lemon "Sfusato Amalfitano". This citrus fruit, which is also the protagonist of the Sentiero dei Limoni (Lemon Path) that connects Minori and Maiori, was known since the times of the Republic of Amalfi and, thanks to trade, reached all the Mediterranean countries and even Arabia. It was the Arabs who renamed what was known only as citrus as 'Limunzello' and highlighted its uses, including medicinal purposes.
Sfusato Amalfitano IGP is grown on terraces called macerine, with the saplings placed under scaffolding made from chestnut wood. It is a large, elliptical, seedless lemon with a smooth, very fragrant skin, the richest part of which contains oil glands, essential oil and ascorbic acid. It can be eaten to add flavour to other dishes, but it is also excellent eaten natural, perhaps with a pinch of sugar or salt.

The flavours of Tramonti and beyond
The final stop on the Sentiero delle Formichelle is Sal de Riso's pastry shop in Minori, nicknamed the City of Taste by the Region in relation to the Amalfi Coast: there is no better place to savour the typical flavours of the coast, starting with the not-to-be-missed Delizia al Limone. The origin of this dessert dates back to 1978 when it was invented by the pastry chef Carmine Marzuillo but it was Sal de Riso who brought it back into vogue: sponge cake, lemon custard and other cream flavoured with the zest of the IGP 'sfusato' Amalfi lemon give a sensory experience that satisfies not only the palate but all the other senses as well. Sal de Riso has also invented a dessert dedicated to the Sentiero delle Formichelle, made with almond shortbread, hazelnut crunch and coffee and white chocolate cream scented with lemon.
Returning to Tramonti by private shuttle bus, you can dine in a trattoria and taste the village's typical products such as limoncello, DOP Colline Salernitane olive oil, Fior di Latte mozzarella, Costa d'Amalfi DOC Sottozona Tramonti wine and Tramonti De.Co. pizza. Pizza here has medieval origins, when it was a simple cereal flatbread topped only with lard and herbs: only over time has it been enriched with other ingredients that have made it famous throughout the world (strictly Piennolo tomatoes, Fior di Latte, DOP olive oil from the Colline Salernitane, basil and Re Fiascone tomato puree).

Typical product
Typical product
View of the Tramonti Valley from Monte Falesia
View of the Tramonti Valley from Monte Falesia
Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting
Typical Product
Typical Product


This travel proposal includes a Friday and a Saturday to be chosen between 10 April and 30 June, or between 01 September and 31 October. Included are 2 nights in B&B or farmhouse, 2 dinners in a typical restaurant, trekking on the Sentiero delle Formichelle, transport service from Minori to Tramonti and local wine tasting.

Trekking route length: 9km - Duration: 4,30h.

Interested villages: Tramonti
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Arrival in Tramonti, accommodation in the reserved structure, dinner and overnight stay.

Saturday: Sentiero delle Formichelle, Sentiero dei Limoni, Pasticceria Sal de Riso:

Departure at 8:30 am from the hamlet of Povica, trekking along the Sentiero delle Formichelle with arrival in Minori at Sal de Riso's pastry shop, where we will taste the traditional Delizia a Limone. Return to Tramonti by private bus. Tasting of typical dairy products. Dinner and overnight stay.


Morning in a local winery for the tasting of local DOC wines and return to the respective locations in the afternoon.


10 April to 30 June - 01 September to 31 October € 212,00 per person
From 01 to 31 August € 225,00 per person
Supplement 3rd bed Children 12 years old
Supplement 3rd bed Adults
Suppl. breakfast in Farmhouse and B&B

€ 15,00 per night
€ 20,00 per night
€ 5,00 per person per day
Travel proposal valid until: Thursday 10 march 2022


  • N° 2 nights accommodation in Holiday House (overnight only) or Farmhouse or B&B (breakfast included)
  • N° 2 dinners in a typical restaurant (drinks not included)
  • Trekking "Sentiero delle Formichelle" (Path of the Ants)
  • Bus Transfer Minori/Tramonti return Trekking
  • Tasting of DOC Wines
  • Tourist tax

It does not include

  • Anything not specifically mentioned under "Includes".

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Three days and two nights in Tramonti between trekking and tastings - from 212 €
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