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Recipe: the Seupetta from Cogne

Friday 29 november 2019

The Seupetta di Cogne is a typical dish of the ancient Valdostan tradition.

Recipe: the Seupetta from Cogne

the Seupetta from Cogne is a poor and ancient dish from the Aosta Valley tradition, a soup made with rice and very tasty fontina cheese. What most intrigues is the presence of rice, which is certainly not a typical production of the Valle d'Aosta, but which in the past was a bargaining chip with the products of the mountain pastures, being a food with long conservation and therefore particularly suitable for set up food reserves for the long and isolated winter at the foot of the Gran Paradiso.

Let's see how to prepare it.


For 4 people:
400 grams of rice
1 kg of bread
350g of Fontina
200g of melted butter
meat broth q.b.


First we cut the bread into slices that are not too thick. In a pan, melt about 50 g of butter and brown our slices of bread. In a saucepan, melt another 50 grams of butter and add the rice until it is toasted, then covering it with the boiling meat stock. Add the salt and continue to cook the rice, gradually adding the necessary broth until it is al dente. In the meantime take a baking sheet or a tureen suitable for the oven, cut the fontina into slices and make a first layer of bread. Once the rice is ready, pour half of it on the bread and lay the fontina on top. Repeat the process making another layer of bread, rice and fontina cheese and pour the remaining broth into the pan. We cover everything with the last grams of melted butter and grated nutmeg. Put the pan in the oven, already warm, at 180 ° for about 10 minutes.

Enjoy your meal!
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