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Recipe: the Valtellina Manfrigole

Friday 11 october 2019

A very tasty dish ideal for dinners with friends on cold winter evenings

Recipe: the Valtellina Manfrigole

Typical dish of the Valtellinese tradition, in particular of the Alta Valtellina, the manfrigole are a sort of crepes prepared with white flour and buckwheat flour, with a filling based on Casera cheese and bresaola, or other typical ingredients of the area. It is a main course of peasant origin, very caloric but very tasty, ideal for dinners with friends on cold winter evenings. Let's see how to prepare this delicious dish!


For crepes: (6 people)

  • 4 eggs
  • 300 ml of milk
  • 100 gr of 00 flour
  • 60 grams of buckwheat flour
  • a pinch of salt

For the stuffing:

  • 1 liter of bechamel
  • 200 gr of bresaola
  • 400 gr of Casera cheese
  • 100 grams of parmesan cheese
  • 50 grams of butter
  • Sage leaves


Let's start making the crepes. We sift the flours into the milk and add the eggs and salt, creating a fairly liquid batter. Lightly grease a small pan with a knob of butter and pour a ladle of our batter, cooking both sides.
Once the crepes are ready, spread 3 tablespoons of béchamel on each, add a generous spoonful of Parmesan, bresaola and a few pieces of Casera, cut into very thin slices.
We roll the crepes, like swivels. Pour a couple of tablespoons of béchamel on the bottom of a pan and place our rolls of crepes vertically, very close together. Cover the pan with aluminum foil and bake at 180 degrees for about 25-30 min. Once the pancakes are cooked, moisten them with melted butter, with sage and serve them hot.

Good appetite!
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