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In Arnad it's all lard that runs!

Saturday 13 april 2019

The salami produced in the small Valle d'Aosta village has received the prestigious European recognition of the DOP mark

In Arnad it's all lard that runs!

In Arnad, the famous expression "fat that runs" can easily be replaced with ... "lard that runs"! Yes, because it belongs to the small Valdostan village the best lard in Europe. The salami, which takes the name of "lard of Arnad" as it is produced exclusively and strictly in the territory of the municipality of the same name, has received the recognition of the prestigious DOP mark.

A certification of absolute value that represents the right reward for a food present on the tables of the inhabitants of Arnad for many centuries. Suffice it to say that already in 1570 it was distributed in the refectories of the Monastery of Sant’Orso. A tradition handed down from generation to generation, through a careful seasoning based on the use of the "doils", a dialectal term that indicates those chestnut wood containers in which the local artisans laid the lard to be preserved during the year. The packaging, in fact, is a fundamental phase in the maintenance of this cured meat which, when cut, shows a compact but very soft consistency and always requires great care on the part of those who obtain it from the shoulder and back of bred pigs. The slices, white in color, melt in the mouth. The taste is sweet and an aromatic pinch.

Lardo di Arnad

But what makes the Arnad lard special, therefore worthy of European certification, is the feeding of the pigs used for its production that feed exclusively on natural foods, such as vegetables and chestnuts. The lard is then "embellished" with herbs, spices, garlic, bay leaves, rosemary, cinnamon and many other aromas that give it an even more inviting scent. In short, if you go to Arnad, a real bijou in the Alps of Valle d'Aosta, you cannot fail to treat yourself to a dish of lard as an aperitif, appetizer or as an accompaniment to a game dish. The best lard on the continent is eaten up here. And it's all gold, indeed, fat that drips!

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