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Recipe: Le Sagne de la Madonna of the village of Roccavivara

Friday 08 march 2019

A first course of the Molise tradition, easy to prepare and excellent to taste

Recipe: Le Sagne de la Madonna of the village of Roccavivara

The Sagne del la Madonna are a simple and tasty first course linked to the Molise tradition, especially in Roccavivara. In fact, this dish is prepared especially on the first of August, when the homonymous event takes place in Santa Maria di Canneto, on the banks of the Trigno river. This provides that the devotees should initiate seven girls and an elderly lady, in the presence of the Blessed Virgin, to represent the wishes and intentions of the family. Once back at the village, they celebrate tasting this delicious typical dish. The particularity of the pasta of this dish, is to break the dough (called Laina) by hand to form the rhombuses that will then be boiled. The Sagne de la Madonna can also be seasoned with a sauce based on cooking water, garlic, field mint and a sprinkling of vinegar, but today we will prepare the classic version.


For the Sagne (pasta)
  • 400 g of durum wheat semolina
  • Water q.b.
For the sauce
  • a kilogram of ripe tomatoes
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • an onion
  • a tuft of basil
  • Salt to taste


Let's start preparing the Sagne by pouring the flour on a pastry board and kneading it, adding the water, the oil and a pinch of salt, until a substantial dough is obtained. Let's knead with hands clenched in fists to make, now, the elastic dough. Roll out on a floured surface until you have a very thin sheet, called Laina. After having dried Laina for a few minutes, by hand, let's break it by creating some rhombuses. Now let's focus on the sauce. Peel the tomatoes after having passed them a few minutes in boiling water. Fillet and cook in a pan with the finely chopped oil and onion. Adjust salt, add the basil and cook for 15 minutes. Now we can cook the Sagne in boiling water, let's drain them and, in a bowl, add them to the sauce and serve.

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