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Recipe: Génépy, the strong and decisive liqueur and the Valdostan villages

Friday 22 february 2019

Artemisia weber and artemisia glacialis. They are the high altitude mountain plants that, together, give origin to the Génépy: a liqueur with an alpine flavor, a delicacy to know and to prepare

Recipe: Génépy, the strong and decisive liqueur and the Valdostan villages

It is a little-known liqueur with an apparently French name, the Génépy, typical of the Valle d'Aosta villages. In reality it is obtained by infusion of various herbs in which the artemisia weber prevails, followed by the artemisia glacialis. Both alpine herbs, to live must "stand up": minimum 2,000 meters, but do not even disdain the 3,000, where they grow on moraine soils that glaciers leave uncovered during their "withdrawn" cycles. Artemisia combine with alcohol or grappa to produce the liqueur of the region: 40 degrees of pure nature to be tasted as a tonic or to be mixed with coffee for the characteristic Aosta Valley coffee, also rich in other ingredients, among such as cinnamon.


  • 45 seedlings of cultivated artemisia (you can also buy them online)
  • 500 cc of pure alcohol at 95 degrees
  • 500 grams of natural water
  • 125 grams of granulated sugar


Soak the seedlings in alcohol in a glass jar for 40 days, stored in a dark place and at cellar temperature. From time to time stir the mixture. After this period add to the seedlings put in a syrup alcohol, obtained by boiling the water with sugar. Mix well and let it rest for another day before bottling. At this point you can filter everything with a fine mesh strainer, but in the villages you still use a clean cloth canvas! Bottle the Génépy and let it rest for another 40 days. The Génépy needs time so that its flavor and aroma can fully emanate. And the result deserves.

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