Gavi, Castagneto Carducci, Sirolo, Venafro and Sant’Agata de Goti, extraordinary villages of wine and more.


5 unmissable wine villages
Thu, 29 Nov 2018

5 unmissable wine villages

Gavi, in the lands of Alessandria, Castagneto Carducci, the heart of the Maremma, Sirolo, pearl of the Conero lands, Venafro, in the Molise hinterland and Sant’Agata dei Goti in the Benevento area, are five destinations to discover extraordinary landscapes and discover wines rich in history. Wine is among the treasures of Italy.

Extraordinary nectar, excellence exported to every corner of the world, from the Alps to Sicily it produces white and red, light and full-bodied, with and without bubbles. Each region has its places of worship of wine production, mythical places and corners of history, promised land of enthusiasts and connoisseurs.



Gavi is above all his impressive fort and his prestigious wine. The Forte di Gavi is an expression and testimony of the strategic position of these lands. Built several times since the twelfth century, it could accommodate up to a thousand men. Defensive bulwark of the northern border of the Republic of Genoa, Gavi and his fort had to face numerous sieges. From its bastions we look at the Apennines but above all we can admire the woods and especially the vineyards that give the prestigious Gavi DOCG. With a more or less intense straw-yellow color and a dry taste, this white from the Alessandria area is produced in three different types; quiet, sparkling and sparkling.

Excellent as an aperitif, to be combined with cold appetizers, shellfish and seafood but also with soft cheeses and soups.


Castagneto Carducci

A delightful village in the Livorno Maremma, Castagneto Carducci lies on the top of a hill on which the Castle of the Counts of Gherardesca dominates. Characterized by alleys and squares, the village, which takes its name from the famous Giosuè Carducci who, as a child, lived there for some years dedicating some of its beautiful works, is surrounded by olive trees and vineyards, and offers extraordinary views of the coast. Castagneto Carducci is the land of one of the most prestigious wines ever, the Borgheri Sassicaia, DOC wine whose production is allowed only in a specific area of the municipality, the exclusive product of Tenuta San Guido. Intense ruby red in color, it has a rich and majestic smell and a dry, full and robust flavor. Excellent with roast pigeon, cheeses with a strong flavor and with Bordeaux-style fillets.



An extraordinary village resting on the hills of the Marche region, Sirolo offers breathtaking views of the Conero massif and the Adriatic coast. The historical center is picturesque with local artisan shops and workshops that alternate with picturesque views with the sea and the hills running towards the hinterland in the background.

Sirolo is a typical area of Rosso Conero DOC, a wine produced in the province of Ancona.

With an intense ruby red color, with strong purple hues, an aroma with the typical hints of wild cherry, plum and berries, and a strongly fruity flavor, it goes well with meat dishes such as game and roasts.



Venafro is a village of ancient origins dating back to the people of the Samnites. It was precisely in the ancient Venafrum that in '89 a.C. there was a decisive battle where Rome waged the group of peoples of the "Italic League" in what was called "Social War". In the Middle Ages Venafro was then invaded by the Lombards, becoming the seat of the diocese since the sixth century as well as being an important transit center from Molise and Abruzzo on the way to Naples. Property of the Pandone family since the fifteenth century, Venafro also hosted Victor Emmanuel II traveling to Teano. The village offers a variety of historic buildings including the Pandone castle, the co-cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the church of the Annunciation.

Belonging to the National Association of the City of Oil, Venafro is also a land of wine. The Pentro of Isernia white DOC is one of the wines produced in its area. It has a delicate smell and a dry and intense flavor. Del Pentro d'Isernia there are also rosato, red and red versions.


Sant’Agata de’Goti

It stands on a tufaceous spur, as if it were suspended on the rock. Its historic center is placed on a tuff terrace that rises between two rivers, the Martorano and the Riello.

Sant’Agata de Goti is one of the many unmissable destinations in Campania, where time does not seem to pass. Among alleys, squares and stone houses there are precious historic buildings including the Ducal castle, built by the Lombards and expanded by the Normans, which houses a precious cycle of frescoes, and the church of the Annunziata, dating back to 1239, built in style Gothic.

Jewel of Benevento, Sant’Agata dei Goti develops on the slopes of Taburno, a mountain mentioned by Virgilio, and is a land of extra virgin olive oil production, white and red wines with strong fruity scents and annurche apples, local specialties.

Among the wines produced in the area there is the Sannio DOC Sant’Agata dei Goti Aglianico, with a red color, floral and fruity aroma and a balanced and tannic flavor.

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