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Sardinia: the village of Alghero and its lobster, local gastronomic excellence.

Wednesday 13 june 2018

The beautiful sea of little Barcelona, the alleys, the shops, the ramparts on the sea and the rich local cuisine.

Sardinia: the village of Alghero and its lobster, local gastronomic excellence.

It is known as little Barcelona. Capital of the Riviera del Corallo, which takes its name from the precious red coral that is located in its sea, Alghero has preserved the Catalan language, spoken by a part of the inhabitants in the variant of Alghero, and is the heart of a stretch of Sardinian coast characterized by beaches with fine sand and cliffs caressed by the blue waters of an exciting sea.

Alghero - Foto
Alghero - Photo Gianmario Marras

Alghero is not only sea and natural landscapes of rare beauty but also its charming ancient village, to which we arrive by crossing the ancient access to the city, the Torre di Porta Terra.

We let ourselves be carried away by the tangle of alleys where we discover boutiques, ateliers and shops where you can buy local coral jewels and local food products.

The historic center also offers interesting architectural highlights including the Cathedral of Santa Maria, with its admirable back entrance, with the beautiful flower-style Gothic decorations of the precious portal.

Also worth seeing is the church of San Francesco, with the interesting cloister of San Michele, and the many beautiful buildings that overlook Piazza Civica.

Do not miss a relaxing walk along the ramparts on the sea, while in the many restaurants of Alghero is rich choice of specialties.

The undisputed queen of the flavors of the local table is the lobster, extraordinary marvel of the sea with a precious taste that in Alghero's cuisine is indisputably manifested at the highest levels.

Authentic excellence of the local tables is the lobster from Alghero, a dish of tradition and local culture.

The lobster, after twenty minutes of cooking in boiling water, is cut into large pieces and served on a bed of rocket, tomatoes and onions to be seasoned with oil, lemon, salt and pepper. An authentic local culinary wonder to be accompanied with a white wine such as sparkling white Alghero.

Table algherese that the queen lobster can unite a multitude of other dishes including the "capunara", dish from recipe books of pastoral origin, raisins sprinkled with water and vinegar on which are placed crustaceans, anchovies, hard-boiled eggs and seafood, but also spaghetti with sea urchins and appetizing fish appetizers.

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