One of the traditional dishes of the Serrapotamo Valley. A fresh pasta obtained from a mix of flours and to be enjoyed with a watery sauce as it was in the past. A first course also suitable for vegan palates.


Recipe: the Rasckatiell di miskiglio from the village of Teana

Recipe: the Rasckatiell di miskiglio from the village of Teana


If you visit the Pollino National Park, in Basilicata, more specifically the Serrapotamo valley, you will certainly get to know a traditional dish that will tickle your curiosity. Rasckatiell di miskiglio (or rasckatielli di miskiglio) is  fresh pasta, made by hand, composed by the union of two flours (miskiglio - mixture): one of soft wheat of the variety Carosella, and the other of broad beans or favullo. Although there are no written testimonies but only oral, it seems that this dish was born around 1600 in the Lucan village of Teana. The name derives from "scraping" the dough on a board making cylinders and then "strisciandoli" with the fingers on the board giving the pasta its traditional shape. This is a simple dish that was called "an everyday dish" which was prepared by the women of the village on returning from work in the fields. To enhance this typical dish, the Teana Pro Loco promotes several projects of rediscovery and enhancement through research and analysis carried out for many years. But let's get to the preparation!


For the pasta:

  • 1 kg of flours coposed by…
    • 1/3 bean curd flour
    • 2/3 wheat flour
  • water 

For the sauce:

  • 1 kg cherry tomatoes
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • olive oil 
  • salt 
  • dried sweet pepper


The preparation of the dough is made per person (na iunt - two punches) in the proportion of one third of bean curd and two thirds of soft wheat flour. We start by sifting together the two flours on a board, make a hole in the middle of the flour mix and pour the water. Mix everything until a homogeneous and not too soft dough is obtained.

Roll out the dough with your hands, obtaining some cylinders that we will cut and "crawl" (or drag) one by one on the board, until you get the characteristic shape, so as to allow it to "sit" on the hand.

Now prepare the sauce that, according to tradition, must be "scind scind" or watery, as if it were a soup, so as to allow the dish to be tasted with a spoon and then with bread.

Let's boil the pasta and let it drain. Let's unite it with the sauce and serve it.

Guardando questo video dalla Pro Loco di Teana sui Rasckatiell di miskiglio, vi auguriamo buon appetito!

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By Redazione

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