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Recipe: the Fregnaccia of Carnival

Friday 27 january 2023

The Carnival has ancient origins and reconnects to holidays Greek and Roman, during which was habit the consumption of pig meat dishes.

Recipe: the Fregnaccia of Carnival

The word Carnival comes from the latin word "Carnem Levare" and precisely means 'removing' the flesh from the tables. With this term was indicated the sumptuous banquet of meat with which the Shtove Tuesday, the last day of Carnival, was accustomed to say goodbye to meat, before the beginning of the Lent abstinence period, which began the day after, with Ash Wednesday. And it is so still today for all the dishes that, for tradition, you consume the evening of Shrove Tuesday and that are at the basis of this delicious ingredient.

The Fregnaccia is the typical roman pancake from original flavor between the sweet and salty that is enjoyed during the Carnival Aquesiano and is prepared with the broth of pig pows and seasoned with Parmesan or pecorino romano, sugar or chocolate.



• 2 pig pows
• 1 onion
• 1 Celery stalk
• 1 carrot


• 300 gr. of flour
• 600 ml. of broth
• 50 ml di extra virgin olive oil
• 1 egg
• Salt
• Pepper
• butter or lard
• Grated parmesan, pecorino cheese or sugar



Boil water with herbs and pig pows and cook the, foaming to remove impurities, for about two hours.


Take a container and pour it water. Add the flour and mix it with a whisk rather quickly, so as not to form clots. Join the broth, egg, salt, pepper and mix everything together. The compound, called viuta, should have the consistency of a batter rather liquid and fairly salty to the palate. Put it in the fridge for a few hours. Resume the viuta and, in the meantime, heat well a pan with a little butter or lard (about half a teaspoon for each fregnaccia). Pull up a ladle of viuta and pour it on the bottom of the pan performing with the wrist a fast rotary motion to distribute the batter. When the fregnaccia detaches itself from the pan, shake it vigorously. Finally let slip the fregnaccia on a dish, dress it with Parmesan, pecorino cheese or sugar and wrap on itself. Taste it hot.


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