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Castelvetro di Modena and Lambrusco: the two towers, the castle of Levizzano Rangone, the typical “tigelle”, and tortelloni dressed with the balsamic vinegar of Modena

Friday 28 october 2022

Discovering the fanciful Emilian hamlet that will swallow you up with its Lambrusco Gasparossa and take you to the gorge with its unmistakable scents and flavors of local specialties.

Castelvetro di Modena and Lambrusco: the two towers, the castle of Levizzano Rangone, the typical “tigelle”, and tortelloni dressed with the balsamic vinegar of Modena

There are several towers in Castelvetro, and each of them has a characteristic name: The Clock Tower, the Prison Tower, The Archers and Ancient Walls towers, as well as, the towers dedicated to the saints Senesio and Teopompo.

These are the six towers in Castelvetro, which have been built in the era of the Medieval Castle, and represent the symbol of this picturesque hamlet of. The towers, indeed, stand out against the modenese hills covered by evocative vineyards.

Castelvetro di Modena

Castelvetro, in fact, has been named since 1994 “The city of wine” and it is famous for its prestigious wine “Lambrusco Gasparossa”, but also the typical wine “Trebbiano” and the delicious vinegar “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena”.
With regard to the Lambrusco Gasparossa, the heart of the production is situated in Castelvetro, but it extends also other towns, such as Fiorano, Maranello, Castelnuovo Rangone, Sassuolo, Vignola and Spilamberto.

This wine has a particular fragrance,and a ruby red colour with a rich, lively foam. The taste, which goes from sweet to dry, is particularly indicate to accompany dishes like entries with meat, tasty roasted meats, cheese and delicious baked pastas.

Prodotti tipici di Castelvetro di Modena

The visit in one of the traditional wine cellars is a special experience that gives the opportunity to discover all the varieties of the local DOP wine. This can be a quick break just before having lunch in one of the typical restaurants, in which you can give yourself a delicious Emilian meal and taste the local specialties such as tagliatelle, tortelloni, the famous tigelle, usually served with cheese and cold cuts, tortellini with broth and end with the delicious cherry pie.

You cannot forget to accompany your lunch with a glass of Lambrusco, the main product of the territory, which is celebrated every year during the festival “Sagra dell’Uva e del Lambrusco Grasparossa”, where you can find, local markets, tastings, shows and the parade of the floats dedicated to the God Bacchus.

Castello di Levizzano Rangone a Castelvetro di Modena

Together with the unforgettable taste of Lambrusco and the rich taste of its specialties, Castelvetro offers the beauty of its hamlets. The Castel of Levizzano Rangone, once belonging to the marquise Bonifacio di Toscana, father of Matilde Canossa, represents the most beautiful jewel of the territory, that hosts the luxurious Bishop’s Rooms, the ancient wooden roofs, with frescoes depicting knightly scenes.

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