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Video: Pecorino Romano DOP recipes pt. 2

Friday 23 june 2023

With e-borghi in tavola, thanks to chef Matteo Barbarossa, we will learn about some of the combinations in which Pecorino Romano reigns supreme. A cheese with an intense and decisive flavor.

Among the many excellences of the Italian production chain there is one that has a centuries-old history: Pecorino Romano. In order to better understand its value, we came to Macomer, Sardinia, the headquarters of the Pecorino Romano DOP Consortium and the land of production and protection of this cheese. When you taste Pecorino Romano you are literally enraptured by its intense and particular flavor. This type of cheese has very specific characteristics: the rind is thin and ivory or straw yellow in color, but it can also have a black coating. The paste of the cheese is hard and compact, white or light yellow in color. Rich in mineral salts, proteins and vitamins, it was in fact considered the main sustenance food of the Roman army.
In this video, thanks to chef Matteo Barbarossa, we will learn about some of the combinations in which Pecorino Romano reigns supreme.

Pecorino Romano Dop

Raw beef, pear chutney, walnuts, chilli pepper and Pecorino Romano Dop cream
(for 2 people)

140 gr of beef rump
For the chutney
3 pears
50 gr of walnuts
3 tablespoons of brown sugar
2 cups of wine vinegar
fresh chilli pepper
For the pecorino cream
100 gr Pecorino Romano Dop
100 ml fresh cream
extra virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper

Crudo di manzo, chutney di pere, noci, peperoncino e crema di Pecorino Romano Dop

Spaghetti with mussels, parsley, garlic, lemon and Pecorino Romano Dop
(for 2 people)

200 gr di spaghetti fini
300 gr di cozze fresche
1 spicchio d’aglio
Scorza di 1 limone
50 gr di Pecorino Romano grattugiato per mantecare
20 gr in scaglie per decorare
olio extra vergine d’oliva, sale, pepe nero

Spaghetti con cozze, prezzemolo, aglio, limone e Pecorino Romano Dop.

Sardinian fregola with lamb, cardoncelli mushrooms and Pecorino Romano Dop cheese sheets
(for 2 people)

200 gr of fregola
100 gr of boneless lamb meat
4 violet artichokes, thinly sliced
500 ml of broth
50 gr grated Pecorino Romano Dop cheese
6 thin sheets of Pecorino Romano Dop
extra virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper

Fregola sarda con agnello, funghi cardoncelli e sfoglie di Pecorino Romano Dop

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