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Recipe: Crogoristas from Masullas, the pasta in the shape of a cockscomb

Friday 10 september 2021

Created with simple and genuine products, the Crogoristas from Masullas are a historical and traditional dish of the charming Sardinian village

Recipe: Crogoristas from Masullas, the pasta in the shape of a cockscomb

In the village of Masullas there are not a few skilled hands that go to work to create one of the typical and traditional dishes of this country: we are talking about the Crogoristas. Although the name may seem exotic, this particular pasta is; 100% Sardinian and is produced mainly during the holidays.

Simply created from water, salt and semolina, the Crogoristas di Masullas are a typical pasta made exclusively with zero kilometer products in order to further emphasize its historical and traditional evocative power and served with lamb sauce.
Its particular workmanship is; it has always been the same and, with pleasure, it is shown and taught to children from an early age.

Crogoristas: why & eacute; this name so & igrave; particular?
The name of this characteristic pasta derives from its particular shape, since & eacute; vaguely recalls the crest of the hen and the rooster. The processing is done exclusively by hand and done one at a time. To be able to flavor it and give a more color; lively, saffron or tomato paste can also be added to the preparation of the pasta.

For 2 people:
200 grams of durum wheat semolina

For the sauce:
200 gr of lamb meat
500 ml of tomato pulp
500 ml of tomato sauce

To prepare the sauce, called in dialect "wet" , sar & agrave; necessary to fry garlic and parsley in a saucepan, until & eacute; they will not reach a golden color; then, add the lamb pulp by cutting it into cubes or putting it directly chopped. After a few minutes, you can add the pulp and tomato puree, leaving it to cook. Once the sauce is cooked and cook the pasta. Once ready, to flavor it, sauté it in the sauce.
To prepare the pasta you need to mix the durum wheat semolina, together with water and salt. Once you have obtained a homogeneous mixture, roll it out with a rolling pin or with the appropriate machine like this; to obtain a long, smooth and thin dough. Proceed by cutting the pasta into strips; fold them on themselves with the help of a wheel or a knife, in order to create the ridges. & Egrave; more easy to see them instead of & eacute; explain them!

Good appetite!


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