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Villa Cheta: sea, barefooting and villages

Wednesday 09 may 2018

In Basilicata, in addition to villages rich in history, here is the barefooting, very common in Italy. To discover the territories with all the senses on the alert, starting with the touch

Villa Cheta: sea, barefooting and villages

Barefoot in the park and wherever you want. The important thing is to be barefoot and to walk in contact with earth. This is the barefooting, or the reappropriation of the sensations that arise from the contact of the feet with the different types of terrain in absolute freedom, a practice that counts more and more enthusiasts and proselytes. Advancing step by step on a soft meadow, on a cold rock, between the wood and the streams of a wood, in fact, makes you feel good: improves blood circulation, posture, strengthens the muscles and gives an innate feeling of freedom. Among the places in Italy where barefooting - with routes and guides to do the best, even with children - stands out the volcanic beach of Maratea, in Basilicata, region in third place in the ranking of the New York Times among the destinations to discover in 2018. Trampling the lava pebbles of the black beach of Maratea, in fact, is like walking on a primordial land, all just minutes from Villa Cheta, an elegant liberty residence overlooking the sea, in which a sensory path has been created to practice the barefooting. The villa is immersed in a park of bougainvillea and jasmine, a Mediterranean garden embellished with lemons, myrtle and bougainvillea cascades that become synonymous with a sensory journey to contemplate the cobalt blue of the sea and the triumph of nature. The music of tranquility, a score of total well-being.


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