Ferrara returns to the Renaissance glory on May 27, 2018 to celebrate the Palio of Ferrara. An opportunity to discover palaces and relive the splendor of the court, follow exciting knightly disputes, participate in vintage dinners and events


Palio di Ferrara: horses, vintage dinners and Renaissance

Palio di Ferrara: horses, vintage dinners and Renaissance

In Ferrara, the month of May is synonymous with Palio. This year, moreover, is also celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the historical re-enactment - organized by the Ente Palio di Ferrara - and the program is full of surprises, all to live with the direction of the Visit Ferrara consortium to stay at its best and with advantages in this city, listed in the Unesco Heritage. The Palio di Ferrara is the oldest in the world, a tradition that has been going through the centuries since 1259 when the first prize in the history of Ferrara was held to celebrate the marquis of the city "Novello d'Este". With a quick leap in time we arrive at 2018 and at the races that will be held on Sunday 27 May in the historic Piazza Ariostea. As usual, the four districts within the "walls" compete: the red Palio of San Romano corresponds to the Corsa dei Putti, the green palio of San Paolo to the Corsa delle Putte, the white palio dedicated to San Maurelio at the Corsa delle Asine and the yellow or golden Palio of San Giorgio at the Corsa dei Cavalli. Who will win the trophies? To find out, just experience this spectacular event first hand and, before the grand finale, even the many events on the calendar. On Friday 25 and Saturday 26 May, for example, in Piazza Ariostea you can watch the spectacular "rehearsals of the horses at the ropes" and the blessing of the palios with the offer of the candles in the cathedral. For the evening, the districts organize tasty suppers at their prestigious locations while the Visit Ferrara consortium has packaged several packages for the stay with benefits for the duration of the Palio of Ferrara. An example? Besides the hotel, a propitiatory dinner of the choice of districts, the reserved place to attend the competitions, the guided tour "Raccontare Ferrara" and a ticket to the exhibition of Palazzo dei Diamanti with a ten percent discount on the catalog. Open air museum, instead, is Comacchio, in the province of Ferrara: a mosaic of land and water, the meeting between the lagoon and the mainland: a lagoon village to be discovered slowly, a microcosm of great emotions.


Events in Comacchio

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