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Spring, wellness spa

Tuesday 01 may 2018

Spring, time of renewal. Where? At he Terme dell'Emilia Romagna, inlaid in landscapes rich in nature and villages: proposals for health and well-being to make the full of energy in the season more sparkling of the year

Spring, wellness spa

Comes the beautiful season and the pleasure of wellbeing is indispensable. After the long winter, in fact, sunny days are the ideal time to think to regenerate the Terme of Emilia Romagna. Whether it be a day or a long weekend, in fact, there are several opportunities devoted entirely to the bridges of spring, a range of options to make the full of vitality. Between packets also stand out solutions"gourmand, for example the "spa massage cream and chocolate" or the "Body peeling with chocolate", as well as treatments that make the wink to the spring: it is the case of flower massage and body gommage to biological cherry, for a natural boost of energy. Expressly designed for the change of season, moreover, there are treatments to vitamin C or "hydramemory", that thanks to extracts of honey and hibiscus removes pollutants atmospheric and from the skin, reidratandola. And it is not finished here. Already, because the treatments are in combination with the sulfurous waters and salsobromoiodiche delle Terme dell'Emilia Romagna, from the numerous properties which are beneficial to health, all available to guests that you can satisfy your every whim between whirlpools, swimming pools and a wide range of customized solutions. The Terme dell'Emilia Romagna, finally, welcome guests with the gems of the region: ancient villages rich in culture and traditions, landscapes campestri for long walks in the open air or paths of mountain bike.


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