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American vs. Italian colleges: top differences

Thursday 16 may 2024

How to choose the best university? Check ways of living, things to do, activities between classes, and much more

American vs. Italian colleges: top differences

University of Bologna - Ph. Oliver Verheij/flickr

While applying for college, most high school students ask themselves the same question: should they stay in the country or go study abroad?

When American students consider the second option, they understand that there is a lot to unpack. They would need to leave their country, continent, and culture for another place altogether. In addition, they understand that European education methods can differ greatly. A student may have different tasks, projects, subjects, and schedules, but one thing remains unchanged - write my papers services offer flexible assistance that can come in handy for them when completing any paper. Many students assess European colleges for future education, and Italian universities are among them. Learn how they differ from US colleges and why you should consider this option.

1. Classroom Diversity

Even though America welcomes all nationalities and races, Italy and Europe are more diverse. Students from all over Europe acquire knowledge in Italy. This leads to diverse discussions in lectures and enables students to learn more than what is taught during lectures only. Different global issues that shape varied cultural practices are viewed via this international setting, thus promoting unparalleled collaborations through cross-cultural exchange, enriching study experience.

2. Living Area

US students usually sleep in dorms that have communal bedrooms, mini-refrigerators, microwaves, and shared bathrooms. In Italy, students live in apartments with full kitchenettes, toilets, and study rooms. In contrast to most American dormitories which are near other university buildings, students live next to Italian citizens. This environment creates self-reliance among them and possibility to integrate into the local culture at a much deeper level, making it more of an immersion experience than traditional college housing.

3. Way of living

Although American dorms are known for being left messy on Sunday mornings, foreign friends studying in Italy have different ways of spending their weekends – this exposes American students to a different drinking culture where overindulging is not normal. Moreover, they get better at choosing wine! It enables students from the USA to develop more mature settings where social nuances are understood and improve social behaviors.

4. Crazy Cafeteria

Forget about French fries, burgers, and pizza for your lunch. Thus, every day, traditional Italian cuisine is offered: first courses, second courses, side dishes, salads, and so on. Italians conduct the management of the facility; it also has an Italian bar and a buffet. This facility is a constant sign that students are not in America. In this light, these various culinary options not only titillate taste buds but serve as daily outlets for people to learn about Italy and broaden their international experiences.

5. Leisure and college hobbies

In the USA, students are constantly busy. The need to attend classes and college sports activities, go to work, write papers, and finish home assignments. In the end, they can be exhausted. In Italy, a student’s life is different. Yes, they have all these activities, but still, they are more relaxed. It is all thanks to the Italian traditional lifestyle that values simple pleasures, good relaxation, and overall enjoyment of life. In some Italian colleges, they even offer cooking classes and wine-tasting lectures.

6. Traveling

Students in the USA can easily go to the neighboring states to see a friend, but the students in Italy will spend their weekends in Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East to see the world. Besides, these students can travel throughout Italy – after all, it is famous for being one of the most beautiful countries around the world. These trips do not just involve leisure activities; they offer learning experiences that expose students to culture, historical sites, and present-day challenges across regions. Every day, they will see the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Vatican City, among other places. These historical sites are interactive, thereby making their learning experience more meaningful and memorable.

7. Dressing Up for Classes

Many classrooms in the USA have young people who just rolled out of bed and went straight to class with unkempt hair. However, in Italy, the situation is a bit different.  It doesn’t mean that each student looks like they go to a fashion show each day. No. They just try to evade glares from Italian neighbors and classmates, thus paying more attention to their appearance before heading out. Casual or casual business are among the favorite styles in Italian colleges. The emphasis on dressing well shows that this institution adheres to global professional standards, hence preparing its students for future careers.

8. Activities Between Classes

In the US, students can eat at the cafeteria, do their studies in the library, or take a nap at home in between classes. When studying abroad in Italy, a student may take a break to have a cappuccino or ice cream, walk around Rome, known as passata, and have a siesta during the daytime. The pace is moderate enough for reflection and rest, providing an equilibrium to academic difficulties. This casual meeting is one way of discovering Italian culture spontaneously through mingling with local people and other students.

9. Personal Development

If you are in college, it is a great time for personal development. In Italy, students can overcome cultural barriers, learn new languages, and solve many personal development problems. Such challenges can help them build resilience and adaptability – essential characteristics for both personal and career success. Also, the exposure to a different lifestyle and varied perspectives widens their horizons, making them feel more connected with the world.


A combination of academic rigor and deep cultural immersion distinguishes attending a college in Italy from traditional college education experiences found in America. It goes beyond just studying abroad. It is a path of change that alters the way students perceive themselves and the world around them. From daily interactions with historical places to differing classroom settings, American students in Italy can gain invaluable insights into intricate global cultures, international relations, and the Italian lifestyle. So choose your major, find a suitable college in Italy, and prepare to have an unforgettable experience. 

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