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Montecorice, a much underrated Cilento village

Monday 19 february 2024

Discover Montecorice and Agnone Cilento, of the wonderful villages in Cilento

Montecorice, a much underrated Cilento village

Italy is a country rich in natural scenery, art, and truly fascinating architectural and archaeological elements. A perfect mix from north to south, including islands, of territorial proposals to explore; too often, however, we forget this aspect, preferring foreign destinations to our own. In reality, we should pay more attention to our surroundings, understanding that just moving a few kilometers, from one region to another, is enough to get to know new socio-cultural contexts.

One of these responds to the name of Montecorice: a Cilento village that is often underestimated, and which therefore fully fits the premise made. Let us therefore discover more about this place in the Cilento region, a land that is not limited to the usual 'musts' Marina di Camerota and Palinuro, examining elements such as the sea in Montecorice, what there is to see, beaches, local B&Bs, and finally a gloss on Agnone Cilento. A review then of Montecorice and surrounding areas to give a complete picture of what is one of the many southern realities often ignored. Corners hidden to most, but which have nothing to envy to far more popular metropolises and tourist destinations.

How is the sea in Montecorice?

When talking about the Cilento coast, one cannot fail to consider the seaside aspect, and therefore the sea as the central natural element. Crystal-clear waters bathe the beaches of Montecorice, Blue Flag for years, testifying to the clarity and transparency of the local sea. On the other hand, Cilento, Montecorice aside, has always embodied an ideal maritime spot for tourists and in general for spending vacations. A fantastic natural setting, which every year attracts thousands of patrons and foreigners, who decide to relax at the seaside resort in question.

What is there to see in Montecorice?

Let us go into more detail about the town of Montecorice, or village to be more precise, which as mentioned above places beaches and sea at the center of its proposal. An exceptional seaside destination, among the many in the Cilento region, which has a lot to offer from this point of view: from the Baia Arena beach, to the hamlet Case del Conte; then passing through the seafront, considered ideal to spend a day relaxing, in the sun, perhaps with a lunch break to fully enjoy this wonderful Cilento stage without stopping.

In short, there is really a lot to do and see, in addition to the classic things one can do in any city, such as surfing the web reading reliable reviews of snai casinos to try one's luck, watching a video, browsing one's social and so on. Maybe in front of a unique view.

What are the beaches in Montecorice?

Having said the most striking and must-see places in Montecorice in Cilento, let us now turn to the beaches as the undisputed local reality. Among the most famous are Baia Arena, already mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Bay of the Sun and Capitello beach. They are located a short distance from each other, along the Cilento coast precisely, and flank the maritime coastline of Montecorice.

A sort of seaside boundary line along which these tongues of sand wind along, enriching this place in southern Italy with color and natural beauty. Also in the neighboring areas then you can also find the bay of Ogliastro Marina, another exceptional seaside-themed location. In short, if you want to take a vacation and do not know where to go, you are certainly spoiled for choice in Cilento, and particularly in Montecorice.

Ogliastro Marina
Ogliastro Marina - Ph. Paul Barker Hemings/flickr

Are there any bed and breakfasts in Montecorice?

When we talk about travel and relocation, we also think about where we can stop to rest and restore mind and body. So hotels, motels, B&Bs as hubs and reception points as well as reference points of the various locations visited. In Montecorice, too, there are many such elements that can accommodate travelers and passers-by who are pleased to spend their vacations at the Cilento resort. "L'Antica Passolara," for example, a rustic structure that provides a garden, room service and barbecue, to have the impression of being in a beach house rather than a Bed and Breakfast.

The same is true for "Maison emì": located 1 km away from Pala Gor beach, this residence offers private parking, garden, and rooms with balconies, for a view of nature set at altitude. In fact, unlike Antica Passolara, Maison emi is set on high ground, thus with a mountainous rather than seaside setting. Finally, we always have in Montecorice "Villa Ripe Rosse," a mix of rustic tradition and innovation with a swimming pool, garden, rooms with breathtaking views and natural surroundings in which to immerse oneself. A truly sui generis B&B, since it is capable of transporting those who stop there into another context: the feeling of feeling at home but at the same time surrounded by an exceptional natural setting.

What is there to see in Agnone Cilento?

Lastly, after having examined at length the location of Montecorice in Cilento, let us move on to a neighboring area: we are talking about Agnone Cilento. Also in the province of Salerno, this town of about 1,000 inhabitants represents a hamlet of Montecorice. It has a seafront promenade that, as with the previous destination, goes without saying that it is stupendous. After all, it is still a resort on the Cilento coast, and so the very high quality of the sea and beaches is an integral part of the area. On site, moreover, one can visit places of religious cultor such as the church of the Madonna del Carmine, and other stops of spirituality typical of southern Italy.

In fact, religion is certainly one of the dominant features of the southern regions and consequently also of the related towns and villages. A sacredness that exudes everywhere, and which is also inherent and well rooted in Agnone Cilento. Here it is then possible to take private tours thanks to the opportunity offered by Eduard Tobias: a well-known figure in these shores, as he is able to restore farms and ancient estates to turn them into venues of enormous attraction. Therefore, these structures have become points at which to stop for a longer or shorter visit, and admire with tranquility and relaxation what surrounds them.

In short, Montecorice as well as Cilento and its hamlets really has a lot to offer to those who love beautiful places. A destination to be reevaluated and given its due.

Agnone Cilento

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