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Valentine's Day: the best gifts for the holiday of lovers

Tuesday 23 january 2024

Let's kick off the search for the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Here are some gift ideas to give your partner

Valentine's Day: the best gifts for the holiday of lovers

As we approach February 14, the time comes to start thinking about a nice gift to give your partner. The hunt for the perfect gift can be said to be on, but, nowadays, there is often a risk of falling into the trivial and offering the usual classics. To avoid this, it is far better to focus on experiences rather than useless items since they are more likely to remain indelible in the memory.

A helicopter flight

If there is a lack of original ideas for Valentine's Day gifts, Smartbox is just what you need thanks to a varied proposal that has something in store to please everyone. For example, a helicopter flight flying over some of the most popular locations and destinations in the Belpaese is a perfect experience for the holiday of lovers. A hot air balloon ride is another highly romantic option, perfect for February 14.

A night in a castle

Often on Valentine's Day, lovers plan a little weekend getaway; however, even this is becoming a bit obvious as a gift. For a truly original elopement, one can book a night in a medieval castle. There are really many charming places to stay, including a trullo, a tree house, a bubble room surrounded by nature from which to admire the stars.

The rage room

Few people know what the rage room is, nevertheless it has become very popular. It is a room to enter equipped with a demolition hammer and be able to destroy anything you want. It is a perfect way, according to those who have tried it, to release accumulated stress and anger because smashing everything is liberating.

The starry dinner

Among the great classics for Lovers' Day, the romantic candlelight dinner could not be missing. Best, however, to aim for a Michelin-starred restaurant indicated by the Michelin guide. A nice original gift for Valentine's Day on the same wavelength could be the cooking class, to be done strictly in pairs.


Among the experiences to give to him, her or to do as a couple for Valentine's Day, tastings could not be missed. Nowadays almost any business is ready to open its doors wide to tell its story and let people discover the methods of production. It can be the classic wine cellar, brewery or something more original such as the roasting company where, after the visit, you cannot miss tasting the coffee varieties. The same goes for those who produce cheese, oil and other food and wine excellence that only the Belpaese can boast.

With animals

Finally, for the partner who loves animals, the Valentine's Day gift should be themed. Among the options to consider, the best ones include nature walks with horses, alpacas or even dog sledding in the snow, called sledding. Also not to be forgotten are entrances to bioparks and aquariums to admire animals up close.

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