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The 4 most exclusive wine resorts in the villages of Italy

Thursday 13 october 2022

From the Langhe to Sicily, Italy offers wines of excellence to be enjoyed in private and luxurious settings, such as the wonderful Wine Resorts

The 4 most exclusive wine resorts in the villages of Italy

With the end of the pandemic, the Belpaese seems to have regained its leading role in the food and wine industry both in Europe and overseas. From the Langhe to Sicily, Italy has awakened by reintroducing wines of excellence that represent the true pride of our country, with renowned labels to be enjoyed in private and luxurious settings that tell the story of our regions. This is an important signal that expresses health for the wine industry and optimism for the entire post-lockdown economy, which owes much of its success to the world of wine resorts.
Let's discover, then, the 4 most exclusive locations of the year where to spend moments of pure comfort this fall.

Borgo San Felice
Borgo San Felice

In the heart of Venice: the Venissa Wine Resort

Venissa Wine Resort is an enchanting estate in the heart of Mazzorbo, the island that makes up Native Venice along with Burano and Torcello. With an almost fairy-tale setting, the location is a combination of flavors, art, and colors that allows guests to enjoy the beauty of the location. In addition to its central location, which allows guests to reach Venice in half an hour by vaporetto, Venissa is a wine resort that consists of a vast cultivated area of about two hectares and is an excellent example of a walled vineyard. It may be the medieval walls that surround it, the buildings of worship that tell the story of this city and the scent of the vineyards that exhales throughout the estate, yet Vinessa expresses all the enclosed enogastronomic richness of the region. The chef has great imagination and is in constant communication with the sommelier, ready to recommend the best wines for each dish. This means that each bottle is chosen with the utmost care, to enhance fish dishes caught directly in the lagoon and the freshest vegetables grown in the garden behind the facility. Respect for seasonality, the exaltation of raw materials and the all-Italian cult for first courses make this the perfect location to live a wine experience in the name of beauty and culture.

Venissa Wine Resort

A sensory experience at the Fontanafredda Village

Embedded in a bionatural reserve, Fontanafredda is surrounded by a fascinating 120-hectare vineyard cultivated entirely organically in Serralunga d'Alba, in the heart of the Langhe, which unleashes all its charm in autumn. Perfect for a weekend getaway, the town is home to a series of wineries commissioned by King Victor Emmanuel II in the 1800s in which it is possible to taste the best wines produced in this land where culture, food and wine and history seem to come together inextricably to offer visitors an unforgettable experience. For their inestimable value, the Langhe have been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which has pointed out not only the vineyards, but also the wine productions of the highest value, among which the wineries of Fontanafredda, the beauty of the hills and the ancient gastronomic tradition stand out.
Visiting this Wine Resort, it will be possible to take part in a guided tour of the Estate where there are about 2.5 million liters in the barriques, oak barrels and large vats made of concrete in which aging takes place.

Villaggio Narrante in Fontanafredda

Borgo San Felice, where wine is above all tradition

In an ancient hamlet nestled among the Tuscan hills of Chianti Classico lies an enchanted forest where lush olive groves and centuries-old vineyards grow: the Borgo San Felice. Considered by many to be Chianti's only birthplace, this place unleashes its full potential in the fall season where an unforgettable experience of relaxation and beauty is possible. With 31 suites and 29 rooms, the location's staff welcomes guests to satisfy their every need for relaxation: from the Botanic Spa to the restaurant, where it will be possible to enjoy some of the finest traditional Sienese dishes, all accompanied by the finest wines from the Castelnuovo Berardegna estate, a Wine Resort of excellence. Suffice it to say that the itinerary leads through the tasting of as many as 20 different labels that cross the most suitable territories of Tuscan viticulture, in which emerges proud tradition, quality, sustainable development and a continuous search d perfection.

Salento grape varieties at Vinilia Wine Resort in Manduria

A few tens of kilometers from Taranto emerges majestically the structure of Vinilia Wine Resort, immersed in the Salento vegetation that in Manduria finds its maximum expression of beauty especially in autumn.
If you are looking for a place that combines culture, beauty and a wine and food tradition of excellence, this is the right place: the restaurant is entrusted to the skilful hands of a starred chef capable of preparing dishes that combine the ancient Tuscan tradition with the innovations of international cuisine, enhancing each course with ad hoc wine glasses. Let's not forget that Manduria has become the center of the Apulian wine experience in recent decades, attracting young people, families and wine enthusiasts from every region of Italy.

Vinilia Wine Resort


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