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Didactic Museum of Photography (MUDIF)

What to see in Montesano sulla Marcellana, Salerno, Campania


a world of shots and impressions, which tell the social history of the population of the countries and of rural life, from the past to our days. A significant amount of documentary material mainly photographic (images that embrace an arc of time that goes from the beginning of 1900 up to our days, concerning various areas of the territory of the Agro) which in particular describes, and may represent the complex relationship that developed in our land, between culture, architecture, economy, environment.  The civil history, economic and industrial sectors of our contrade has left significant artifacts, some already explored, others, many, are yet to be visited, and stopped in the memory of the frames so that the material produced, "active", "talking", "critical", may be analyzed to generate discussion in the individual local offices, and contribute in some case, to stop the depletion of the cultural heritage which unfortunately continues.  The opportunity of being able to gather in an ordered, organic, alive and integrable and progressively upgradeable Historical Photographic and documentary Archive to make then available and open to consultation, study, guided visit. The MUDIF is present at Sarno, always in the province of Salerno, another seat.

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Montesano sulla Marcellana

Montesano sulla Marcellana

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Lido Cetara
Largo Marina - 84010, Cetara (Salerno)
101.49 Kilometers from Didactic Museum of Photography (MUDIF)
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