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Sanctuary of St James

What to see in Poggio Bustone, Rieti, Lazio


Dating back to 1200, the Sanctuary of San Giacomo dominates the "Sacred Valley" below. Considered, without a doubt, one of the most mystical places on the entire path of St Francis, since it was in the peace and intimacy of these places that the Saint reconciled with man and nature, transferring a part of his faith to the local people. Founded in 1208 by St. Francis himself, the Sanctuary was enlarged with a Gothic church, dedicated to St. James and built during the 14th century, consisting of a single nave embellished with some 16th-century paintings. The oldest part of the building is the 13th-century cloister, bearing an extraordinary painting of the Madonna and Child and some simpler paintings showing scenes of the saint's daily life. More recent is the refectory, rich in frescoes dating back to the mid-17th century and depicting the Last Supper, the Immaculate Conception and some saints belonging to the Franciscan order.

  • Piazzale Missioni Francescane, snc, 02018, Poggio Bustone (Rieti)
  • Religious location
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Poggio Bustone

Poggio Bustone

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