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Cantina Gualtieri

Where to shop in Gualtieri, Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna


Reggio Emilia is a province rich in history, culture, tradition and landscapes that have inspired poets and artists. There are many attractions and wonders for eyes and spirit in a mix of colors and shades that blend with the aromas of the land, the cheerful atmosphere, music, art and the excellence of local food and wine.

The Gualtieri Winery produces its wines in this very land which is considered one of the most fertile and productive in Italy also thanks to a favourable climate. The modernization and enhancement of the territory have also helped to strengthen the link between the territory and the wine production of Cantina Gualtieri, proud to represent this land in all its productive and enjoyable nuances.

A reality rooted in Reggio Emilia whose history has become a full part of its history. Lambrusco with its sparkling taste is the king of wine making, a typical speciality of the territory that Cantina Gualtieri knows how to make even more original and tasty. Known all over the world, Lambrusco satisfies connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

The history of the Gualtieri Winery begins in the distant 15 December 1958, when a group of 21 men decided to set up the Cooperative Society Cantina Sociale di Gualtieri. How much road travelled since that day, how many grapes cultivated, harvested and processed to obtain excellence in the production of typical wines of the territory.

Reggio Emilia a land that has donated the fruit of the vines cultivated by skilled hands according to tradition and elaborated realizing a great dream that today presents itself with a wide variety of wine products of Cantina Gualtieri. Its wines are divided into two sections: Basic and Class. A fundamental subdivision to recognize two distinct types of products.

Among the Basic wines we find the golden bitter-skinned series, a sparkling dry red D.O.P. Reggiano sparkling wine with a lively colour and an intense taste of medlar, prignolo and wild blackberries; Ligabue rosso amabile is a sparkling Lambrusco from Emilia, the woody aroma with aromas of blackberry and lemon that blend in a fabulous mix.

We continue among the Basic with fresh white Ligabue, with a citrusy scent and white flowers soft and delicate to the taste; Il Chiaro del pescatore, a rosé with a dry taste and colours reminiscent of blackberry vignola; then we arrive at Lo Zefiro with a greenish reflex and the aromatic taste of marjoram and green apple. These are just some of the wines in Gualtieri's Basic collection.

Then we move on to the Class collection to explore the superfine flavours such as Ferrante, a dry red Mantuan lambrusco D.O.P. with a red fruit aroma and balanced acidity; Fogarina Rosé with a ruby colour and purple reflections with an aroma of wild fruits and strong vinosity. Ancient traditions deep and intense red is dry to the taste reminiscent of sweet blackberries, wild plums with maple syrup.

Fogarina passito is part of the Cantina Gualtieri's Class collection and is distinguished by its impenetrable ruby colour and purple streaks, its syrupy aroma of strawberries and cassis with a floral background that encloses it all in a sweetness full of irresistible charm. Even in the Class version, the wines produced by Cantina Gualtieri stand out and are many, all to be tried as they each reflect a different, distinct personality.

The Ferrante
The Ferrante is a sparkling red wine with an intense ruby red colour.
The Ligabue
Ligabue is a sparkling red wine from Reggio Emilia with a fruity flavour.

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